Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all was quiet in the house
She tiptoed down the stairs in nothing but her blouse
Right before her he stood and she took in the sight
There by the fire Santa was basking in the light
He looked up and saw her and called her to his side
She hesitated unsure, taking time to decide
He asked again sternly, this time making it a command
She winced at his tone but hastily obeyed his demand
“You’ve been a bad girl” he said, “You know what that means”
She replied, “I don’t know what you mean”, as she played with her seams
“You know not to come downstairs on Christmas Eve night”
“Now do what you do when you don’t get things right”
He held out his hand to take her own and moved to his chair
She bent her head down, bit her lip and played with her hair
He pulled her to him folded her over to lay across his lap
She gasp at the motion, moved her thighs open leaving a gap
A hard slap on her ass caused her to groan
She wriggled around, got more comfy as she laid prone
Another smack to cause the sting that she so enjoyed
A loud moan she uttered as the smack she couldn't avoid
Smacked he kept giving till he felt her wet
Both ass cheeks he spanked in a naughty duet
She wiggled some more as the pleasure took over
Her moans louder, groans deeper as his hand started to rover
Smack ass once, stroke ass once and back to spanking again
The pain, the pleasure her composure she couldn't maintain
His hands moved lower and her wetness he was smacking
Answering that unanswered questions her body was asking
She moved her ass back wanting some stronger relief
The smacks on her wetness nothing more than an aperitif
Fingers in, he started with one then added two
She cried out for joy her loud moans no way to subdue
In and out his fingers moved until her body tensed
Faster he went using other hand for smacks as watching her he sensed
She screamed her release, her body opening up to him, he marveled at the sight
He thought, “Happy Christmas to me, I know I’ll have a good night”

*Merry Christmas folks.  Love well, eat well, drink well....be happy*

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

In The Park

In the park, under the shade and among the overgrowth
Laying back among the grass, the sun feels good on my skin
Eyes closed, listening to music and letting the world's troubles melt away
I feel you hands on my feet but I keep my eyes closed
I expected this, anticipated it, was hoping for this
Feeling your breath on my skin as your hands move up under my dress
Small kisses up my thighs, I feel your tongue...hot, wet
I shiver even as I heat up, soaking wet
A moan escapes my lips as you take a little bite of my inner thigh
As you reach my epicenter, you breathe my essence in
You fill me up with your breath making me gasp
I feel your tongue, first you run it over my outer lips
Up and down, passing lightly over my clit
You do it again, this time a little harder and I shudder
You part my lower lips with your fingers
Using your tongue on me harder causing my moans to get louder
The pleasure gets intense, pressure building higher
I start to move, body confused if it should run from it or embrace it fully
You hold me down, commanding me to keep still
Telling me to obey, reminding me that it is all yours
Holding my ass in place as you tongue fuck me
Your words, your actions pushes me even more
I bite my finger to stop myself screaming
My Body tenses up as I reach the edge
I hold your head closer to me, willing you to go on, to take me over
But you stop
I whimper needy, heavy with want
You pull your head back
Kiss my inner thigh
Tell me to remember you own the essence that is me
And you don't want your essence to find release.....

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Last Time

There was no gentleness with it
No falling into warm embraces
Lips were not touching in sweet caress

We did not reminisce on shared moments
On when our bodies fused together as one
Our bodies slick with sweat, cool air on hot skin

It was a quick-paced dance with the perfect partner
Longing causing clothing to evaporate
There was no temptation, no tease, no seduction

Sensual movements, quick thrusts
Limbs entwined, hard unforgiving kisses
Intense grunts, succumbing to the dark

Words were left outspoken
Thoughts and secrets kept locked
No drawn out words of love and goodbyes

There were bruises only to be felt in that moment
To be seen but not understood
Made in the heat of passion, tattooing the hurt

It was rough, it was pain, it was release
It was the last time

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Don't Turn Around II - Voyeurism (The Watcher)

It'd been a long day, an overly demanding boss, some ungrateful customers all amounted me to needing a drink or several and I knew just the place to get a little time off from reality.

I order drinks and make my way to the back, looking for an empty booth, the only company I want to tolerate being the bottles in my hand. I find the perfect spot, an empty booth with seats facing the bar entrance, allowing me to people watch without much being seen.

I sit down comfortably taking a swig of my drink and that is when I see her. She pauses at the doorway as if a little unsure, taking in her environment with a sweeping glance around the bar. I watch as she takes a deep breath as if a questioned had been answered.

I watch he walk up to the bar,  hips undulating, her skirt floating gently around her. Gliding in heels that draw attention to the smooth soft looking skin of her legs. She walks up to the bar, giving the bartender a wide smile with her eyes, obviously flirting as she seems to place an order.

She glances my direction and I look away flustered that I may have been caught staring. I look around the bar and that's when I notice him. He is watching her intensely, seeming to take in her every move, as she stretches to to speak to the bartender, the little laugh she makes at whatever he is telling her as he sets her drink down.

I watch as he stalks up to her and places a hand on her hip, where her top doesn't quite meet her skirt. She tenses up and I do too, wondering what is about to happen.  I watch him whisper in her ear and I see the a naughty smile spread on her face, watch her eyes light up as she listens to him then orders to the bartender.

I watch him kiss her neck and see her body melt into him, her head moving a little more to the side, giving him more access to her neck. She seems to move a little more into  causing me to pull my eyes from her ace down to where I see one of his hands gently pulling her skirt up.

My temperature goes up a couple of notches as I guess what he is doing, I watch her more open a little like in a gasp, her body leaning back, more into him and her eyes closing.  I watch her hands grip the bar and I can't help but wonder what her lower lips look like, what they feel like. Do they pout waiting to be petted,  are they meaty waiting to be eaten.  I watch he hip move gently and wonder how wet she is, how many fingers he is using to give er all that pleasure I read on her face.

So intent is my watching his hands move so obviously in her, I don't notice her eyes open ans she is now watching me.  Looking right into my eyes, hers full of undiluted lust, eyes that start to hold some mischief and I wonder if she knows how hard I am from watching her wanton display.  If she knows I want to drag her away from him, set her on the bar and sink into her wet warmth. I watch her mouth fall open even wider, her breathing quicker and more shallow. I watch and see her nipples through her top, hardening in lust though my eyes remain on hers.

I see her gaze pulling me in, daring me to keep watching, trapping me in her spell. I grip my bottle tighter, trying to control myself, stop myself from getting up and going to her, collecting on the promise her eyes hold. My trousers become uncomfortable, my hardness about to burst out, The thought occurs to me to look away, leave them in their private public display but I can't. It is three of us in that moment, his fingers connecting him to her, my eyes connecting me to her in her raw moment.

I watch her eyes darken even with the distance between us I can see she is at her peak, I can almost feel her as she shudders gently, gripping the bar harder, cumming quietly.  She keeps her eyes on me as she goes over the edge, we remain connected as she comes back slowly, I watch the awareness flowing back into her eyes, her body straightening up.

I watch as she smiles sweetly when he kisses her neck and then her hand, he whispers something to her and she responds still watching me. He takes her by the hand and for the first time I notice she has not looked at him at all in their time together. Not after he walks up behind her at the beginning and kisses her neck the first time, not when he kisses her on her neck as she comes down form her high. She has been watching me all through their sexual tête-à-tête.

I watch as he starts to lead her away, her eyes looking away for the 1st time since she found mine and I feel a loss that our connection is broken and I try to get back to my abandoned bottles but I look up again to find her watching me. She smiles into my eyes and stretches her hand toward me, silently asking me to join and I move quickly. I do not hesitate and follow as I watch her go out of the bar.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Don't Turn Around - Exhibition

"Don't turn around", the voice whispered softly in my ear. That's how it all begins.

I knew you were watching me, when I walked into the bar I felt your eyes on me.
Watching me flirt with the bartender as I ordered a drink, watched my lips close around the straw as I sucked the sweetness in.
I felt your eyes on me and I didn't turn around even then. I was going to do as you ordered. This was your game, your rules.

Your hands on my hips as you move comfortably behind me, I feel the heat of your body warming me.
I tense up when I feel your touch on my bare skin, where my top doesn't quite meet my skirt, humming in anticipation as you slowly trace your fingers over it.
You ask me to order you a drink, I obey your command the bartender non-the-wiser of the tactile communication between us, going on in front of him.

You kiss my neck lightly & my whole body responds to it, heating up like you've started a small fire, one that needs a little stoking to go ablaze. I feel the heat down my spine.
One hand remains on my hips, the other creeps under my skirt, slowing drawing figures on my thighs, causing me to close my eyes and lean back a little more into you. Higher and higher you go, until you reach your destination, my wet center, making me gasp unexpectedly, in pleasure just as the bartender sets your drink in front of me. You stroke harder, whispering instructions of quiet, causing me to shudder a little. I'm trying to control myself, knowing we're in a crowded bar. I want us to be here for a while, I want our game to last, as long as I don't turn around.
One finger stroking along my slit, slowly teasing, pausing and starting all over again. I hold the bar for support, mouth falling open a little, then biting lips trying to stop sound from escaping. Finger inside me, working it's way in and out, at a leisurely pace ignoring my need to speed up to release as I push back down.
Second finger inside, filling me, thumb rubbing that magic button. My hips move in time to your rhythm even though I try to control myself, stifle my movements but my body has a mind of it's own and it's focused on pleasure.

In and out you go, increasing your speed, then slowing down, playing with me, toying with my body, enjoying the access I've given. I feel the tension build; the pressure, the pleasure and with that I feel something else, a tingle of awareness. I look up in front of me and find a pair of eyes watching me. Eyes aware of what is happening, full of lust, dilated in arousal. Those eyes pushes me faster to the edge, the hands between my thighs taking me over, the feeling explosive, the release of hot liquid as orgasm hits. Open mouthed soundless scream, hands holding on for support the moment not quite expected so soon and still I look into those eyes as I go over. Eyes fixed, daring them to look away, challenging them to keep watching, keep enjoying me in my raw moment that moment that is just three of us.

Your fingers slow down, bringing me back slowly. I hear the noise in the crowded room again, see the forgotten drinks in front of us. Kisses on my neck that make my legs weak, you take my hand whispering, "Remember, don't turn around". I smile and I assure you I wouldn't, looking right in front of me, into those lust-filled eyes.......

Monday, 22 July 2013

My Little People*

“Aunty, Aunty, Aunty”, I hear three excited voices chanting through the door.  I groan as I wake up, remembering where I am. I’m spending some days with my sister’s family. The chanting are her three very hyper kids, they couldn’t even wait for my alarm to go off. I can’t deal with all that just yet, I need coffee. You remember me and my small coffee problem right? Yes, I gave in to it, figuring one a day is not a bad thing. Is that what addicts say?

Anyway back to the kids, 2 nephews, one niece who I am meeting for the first time. She’s been in the family for a few months, but I’m only just meeting her due to time & the rules. She’s 3 years old and one of the most adorable kids ever, goes around calling everyone gorgeous in the cutest accent. So when she says, “Aunty I love you, let’s go jump”, it’s hard to resist. All I say is, “Ok baby, let Aunty have her coffee first” as I trudged to the kitchen and find the biggest mug while three little people run around me excitedly telling their mum, “Aunty is going to jump”. She looks at me with joy and pity, grateful for a few minutes reprieve I’m sure.

Coffee done and it’s time to jump. Up the trampoline we go. “Jump higher Aunty”, they scream. Now I have no issue with jumping, it is great fun but there are things that I’d rather only bounced during one certain activity, this is not it.
I beg for a break and they reluctantly agree. Summer in London has been good so I’m sweating already. “Good exercise”, sister says laughing at me. I side-eye her but secretly agree. 

“Aunty, Aunty come watch us ride. Aunty, Aunty come play hide and seek”
I love the little ones, I truly do but I can’t wait to go back home. Go and sit with some vodka and talk to some big people.
Luckily my big people are more than happy to oblige, also looking forward to some big people drinks tonight.

Oh, and that big decision? Kinda worked out alright :)!

*written for the 3six5 Nigeria project @ http://the3six5ng.wordpress.com/

Saturday, 6 July 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 26-30

I dropped the ball with updates on the challenge. Yes the final week was tough, between illness & the onoin issue with my foot, my concentration was shot to hell.

'Day 26 - 30 of 30: I'm going to be sticking to 300 jumping jacks from here on out. Once I get into it, the pain isn't such a problem but I can't shake the feeling that something isn't right with the foot, plus foot no 2 has started giving me some bad vibes now.

I stick to the my usual plan of adding 10 to all the sets (see pic), although on day 30 I leave it at 200 crunches, 200 is a very good number. Day 27 leg raises were just awful (well they've all been very challenging but Day 27 was particularly difficult & on Day 29 I just wanted it to end.  I held a 140secs plank on Day 30!!! Can you believe I can plank for 2minutes and 20 seconds. This I am soo damn proud off (discovered my record from the group exercises has been 2min 30secs, even better).'

The challenge is over!!! I should have done 1,610 sit ups, 2115 crunches, 904 leg raises, 1,397 seconds (23.2 minutes) of plank. I know I've done more than that.
The jumping jacks challenge was set for 6,000. I exceeded that so I set a personal challenge of 9,000....unfortunately I did not get that & only did 7,500. A little disappointed but still kinda proud of the fact I did something I never would have thought of before.
I even did 20 full push ups...yeeeaaah baby!!
The feeling of finishing & finishing well is amazing. I smile at the days I really didn't want to get out of ed to do it, I smile at the days that all I could think was making time to reached the days quota & I even smile at this rather difficult week I was able to get though. Proud of the little thing as well as the big.

So moment of truth, do I see a difference in my body. Honestly no I don't see it (though I have been told by
others that there is). What I do know for sure is that my core is much stronger & I'm feeling much fitter & for that I am very happy. The challenges were more about pushing myself more than anything is & so I plan to keep it up. I am already looking at other physical challenges (there's a squat one now & I'm looking for a nice gentle push up one) which I will keep updating on.

So thank you very much for reading....it definitely kept me going. Thanks for the feedback, please keep them coming including any other ideas!!xxx

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 25 (yes, I know it's technically 26)

*gasp* I got sick!!! So very sick that I spent all of day 25 in bed moaning (not in the good way). It started from rest day 24 (500 jumping jacks), started while I was on my way to the group work out but I persevered, hoping that ignoring it and & positive thinking will work (hey, it usually does!). Felt great after the workout....for about 2 hrs then it all came crashing down. So now I'm one day behind, doing day 25 when I should be on day 26...but there's a rest day coming up (28) so I'll just carry on. It's the home stretch.

'Day 25 of 30 Abs Challenge: Well I knew today will be a bit of a challenge considering how I was yesterday but I figured I could manage a little something. So cut back the 500 jumping jacks to 300. Just about managed it...it was actually better than expected. The first 50 were a little worrying but got into the stride. Could have pushed for more but decided it wasn't a good idea especially considering I had a group workout tonight**.

On to the abs challenge (decided to go for crunches 1st cos I figured sit up would make me dizzy so might as well get something out properly 1st)

160 crunches (not too bad considering, incorporated chest press with 3kg dumbbells to the last 20...yes I know I did 30 last time ut I'm sick *cough,cough*)
110 sit ups (started feeling this around 40.....had to take a few minutes break after 60, the dizziness kinda got better of me for a bit, but all in all it was ok)
70 legs raises (meh to this....don't like it)
105secs plank (not bad at all, proud I held it, wasn't sure I would)

yay!! I survived it. Had to take a little rest but it was good. I feel pretty good to. Right now I'm pleased...may not feel the same way later. But with this good feeling I say see you tomorrow....home stretch baby ;)!!xx' 

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**ADDED NOTE: Had another great session at the park today. A little challenging but pretty brilliant. New instructor, fresh ideas....every week is different!! Come join us, it's free, it's fun, it's Mondays & Wednesdays (get updates on www.facebook.com/Thirtyafterthirty & follow @30after30)

(added note to added note: I got challenged to be ale to do 20 full push ups by the end of the week. I don't think I've done much more than 10 before...I managed 16. I wish I made it a bet....I would win thins ;) )

Monday, 24 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 23

Today I have what I will refer to as 'final week blues. Absolutely no motivation whatsoever & no real reason for it, not tiredness or anything like it. After speaking to some dear friends, I force myself out of bed & on to the exercises. Sometimes you just have to force yourself.

'Day 23 of 30 Abs Challenge: Exercising indoors, quick stretches and the start off the jumping jacks. Decided to go for 500 & prepare food in between,s for every 100 I'm at the chopping board for no more than a minute. Good way to do it & gives me a nice little time constraint. 500 done & I feel good (& slightly pained with it).

On to the abs challenge

100 sit ups (not bad....starting to feel it from about 40/50)
150 crunches (still don't like them but not too bad, incorporated chest press with 3kgs dumbells into the final 30....yeah, I felt it)
70 leg raises (don't like, don't like, don't like)
100 secs plank (I DID IT!! held it for 100 secs. Was super proud of myself, grinning like a cheshire cat & everything)

So all done...wasn't bad at all, funk over. Not sure what I was moaning about earlier. I've counted it up & I've completed the set challenge of 6,000 jumping jacks*. Now let me see if I can meet the personal goal of 9,000 :). Tomorrow is rest day, I may do another 500 but the limp is telling me I may not be able to. Either way, I'll see you soon!xx'

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* 6,000 jumping jacks in June challenge with Eights And Weights @eightsnweights

Saturday, 22 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 22

The foot is definitely a problem, a little swollen and I'm walking with a limp. Plus I tried on a pair of heels that are suppose to be for tonight's festivities and it was uncomfortable. My feet hate my life :'(. Anyway after the dramatics it's down to business.

'Day 22 of 30 ABs Challenge: Some stretches then test jumps to see how my foot fairs. Still a problem, with a little pain but I figured if I landed well & lightly I can get away with it. 400 jumping jacks....I'm quite proud of myself with this one. I definitely feel the last 100 on my thighs and calves but not so much that I can't add another 100 to it. I am seriously contemplating 500 a day for the final week. Whether or not that a good idea, I will find out tomorrow. I'm thinking my foot may be a hindrance.

On to the abs challenge

100 sit ups (not bad at all!!)
140 crunches (still don't like them but I'm finding them...acceptable today)
60 leg raises (I'm still wondering when I stopped liking these...cos I don't)
75secs plank (this is still a problem, I tried to push through but found it quite difficult to be on the foot & one leg was just not a good option)

Other than the small disappointment with the plank, I'm happy about the workout and how far I've come since day one, can't believe it's just one week to go. I haven't seen abs of steel yet though...but I bet it's coming :). See you tomorrow I am determined to deal with this foot & plank situation & tomorrow I'll have time for it!!xx'

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Friday, 21 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 21

After much faffing about, I got down to business in the evening. My foot may be a problem (I see a bruise too) but I tested it out a little so I can do something & see how it goes. And after rest day yesterday I definitely want to do something.

'Day 21 of 30 ABs Challenge: Did some test jumps to see how my foot will fair. All seems fine so I get right into it after some stretching. Today exercise was indoors; pros - I'm focused & get them out of the way quicker then when I'm out at the park with small distractions,cons - I'm indoors, no interesting observation other than wondering why the ceiling fan has a chain & what will happen if I yank on it.
400 jumping jacks, nicely done, last 100 were difficult, was very careful of the landing because of my foot. I think I will try to do 400 from here on out.

On to the abs challenge

100 sit ups (not so bad, really start hurts at about 50)
140 crunches (today I did not hate them as much, I even added some 3kg weights to the last 20! I might       keep that up) 
60 leg raises (yeah...I hate these)
75secs planks (*sigh* planks today was traumatic. I should have done 90secs but by 75 I could do more. Had a 1min rest & tried again but only lasted 65 secs second time. Could be the bad foot, but then foot 1 started to cramp too...all in all not the best time)

I was a little disappointed but as I limped off the mat, I was pleased I didn't try to push it too much. Tomorrow is another day right :). It was not a bad work out at all. I actually can't believe we are not on day 21....only 9 days to go from here & I'm surprised & kinda shocked I stuck to it. Goes to sure, you never really know till you put your mind to it. My bruised foot & I will see you tomorrow!xx'

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 19

After the little 2am excitement I seriously considered giving today a miss (ok, not really but it just sounds more dramatic when I say that!). I'm starting to feel the burn from the group workout of day 17 today..I'm thinking 110 jumping squats and 360 leg flutters will do that to a person.

'Day 19 of 30 ABs Challenge: Back at my spot at the park, loads of dogs again today. There was a cute one that just stood watching me for a while...that was unnerving...but it was cute so the urge to harm it or run wasn't quite there. 400 jumping jacks, the final 100 were a little challenging...considering doing 400 for the rest of the 30 days but we'll see. I do get excited about these things & make all these promises. 

On to the abs challenge

90 sit ups (finally it's no longer painful at 20, that's now increased to...40)
130 crunches (yep..still no love)
60 leg raises (*sigh*)
125sec planks (the last 15 seconds were actually painful!!)

All in all I feel an improvement, I don't see a difference yet (though someone else has noticed) but as I said a few days ago I'm not looking for one till day 30. I'm very happy to be feeling good right now. Rest day for day 20 & I intend to utilize it with no exercise. I seem to have done something to my foot** (it's always something, isn't it?) So see you day 21 ;)!xx'

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**ADDED NOTE: This evening was another hyde park session organised by thirtyafterthirty.com. Tonight's session was a bit of a killer especially as I'm still feeling the burn from Monday (day 17). At the end of the session, I really realised how much improved my core is (thank you cursed abs challenge!) so while I wouldn't say it's easier, I'm cursing less. This week's trainer has been great, so was last week's and so will next week's. It's free & it's fun, it's Monday and Wednesday!! Come join us, you know you want to (details for the sessions an be found http://www.facebook.com/Thirtyafterthirty & follow @30after30)

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 18

Had a ridiculously crazy day & had to play catch up...was absolutely exhausted, last night's work out was a killer too!! Contemplated just forgetting the day & not having a rest day this week but decided against it.

'Day 18 of 30 ABs Challenge: So I've found myself jumping up & down in my living room listening to N.E.R.D's Lapdance at 2am about to do this abs workout :o! Even while I was about to do it, I still couldn't believe it. No jumping jacks today...I think knowing the exact quantity I've done has made me a little lax. I will be getting back into it though. 

80 sit ups
110 crunches
50 leg raises
120secs plank

Not too much variation from the workout but at 2am I'm just proud of myself for doing it. At least now it'll stop being in my thoughts& I'll sleep in peace!xx'

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 17

Yesterday (day 16) was rest day for the abs challenges & for the 1st time since I started the challenges, I did absolutely nothing!! Which meant I have to make up for the jumping jacks missed (600 in total for day 15 & 16) this week *sigh*.

'Day 17 of 30 ABs challenge: So...400 jumping jacks. Thinking about it in that way makes it seem a hell of a lot so I break it up to 50 jumping jacks 8 times. Still seems like a lot though but I get through it fine. The last 100 were a little difficult, my thighs were not too happy, but my ankle was bad. Have been conscious about it so tried to land as softly as possible.

On to abs challenge

85 sit ups (somehow not getting any easier)
110 crunches (*the feeling is getting stronger than dislike now)
50 leg raises (I should have increased by now but did I mention I hate these)
75secs planks (not as bad when I'm not looking at the damn timer)

*the abs of steel better get here real quick*

All in all pretty happy with how things are going, the last week isn't looking as dauting as it did when I 1st started.

With the jumping jacks challenge, should be at 3,400 by now (average). I am on 4,300 (yay me!) slightly behind if I am going for 9,000 but definitely on point for 6,000!!'

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ADDED NOTE: This evening was another hyde park session organised by thirtyafterthirty.com. They have been amazing, torturous beautiful things with great trainers that are passionate about fitness. It's free & it's fun!! Come join us, you know you want to (details for the sessions an be found http://www.facebook.com/Thirtyafterthirty & follow @30after30)

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 14&15

I've been a little lax with the write ups...but I have been doing them, I promise. Just that life seems to always gets in the way whenever I sit to type. 'Twas a busy but enjoyable weekend ;). Something happened to my second ankle Friday night, I'm very certain I didn't drink much (well not what I consider much) & yet there's an unexplained reason ankle 2 was in pain.

'Day 14 of 30 ABs Challenge: Waking up today was a challenge, how I went from being very excited yesterday to being completely demotivated & just want to eat cake in bed, I'm not quite sure but that's what has happened. The call of the challenge is loud though so I pick myself up and go for it. Decided to exercise indoors. 300 jumping jacks feel easier than usual but I'm guessing I don't have the wind to fight against plus today I'm just getting on with things with no complaints. 

75 sit ups (this gets hard after 20 everytime!)
90 crunches (I don't like crunches....that is all)
50 leg raises (ugh....these use to be my favourite, now not so much)
65sec plank (I stop looking at the timer now. I send texts & other things while in position...I need distractions now to hold it)

Very pleased to have done it because I really wasn't in the mood for it, but I suppose that's the point of a challenge.

Day 15 of 30 ABs Challenge: Erm, yes the mystery ankle injury...it was confirmed (by others) that I didn't drink much so I put it down to a small problem that should go away soon. I decided to give jumping jacks a miss today. I did one and the landing was a little painful & too awkward because I'm not comfortable on it. I intend on being in heels tonight too so wouldn't want to jeopardize that (you see where my priorities lie). I'll have to make up the missed jumping jacks in next week's sessions...this is one of the reasons I loath to miss any, cos I know I'll make it up somehow.
Did some stretches and straight into the abs challenge. It does not feel as good without any type of exercise beforehand, a little more stiff. I'll try to so a little something from here on out.

80 sit ups (I had a brief thought to push it to 100...quickly neglected that)
90 crunches (have I mentioned I don't like this)
50 leg raises (...or this)
65sec plank (how today's felt harder than yesterday I do not know...but it did God help me!)

I have to say I'm not always motivated for this (as can probably be read some days) but I think the fact that I truly am looking at this like a challenge and writing about  it helps push me forward. I hope anyone reading is getting a little something from it (or feeling sorry for me). Half way through....15 more days to go *sigh*. I looked at the exercises on day 30 & I've been giving the calendar the 'side eye' since. Slowly but surely I suppose. Tomorrow is rest day, so I'll see you day 17!xx'

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 13

I woke up feeling pretty good, but wanting to sit today out...so tiiiirrrreeeddd!!

'Day 13 of 30 ABs Challenge: A nice long stretch was needed today, it felt so damn good, almost sexual ;) 300 jumping jacks done, felt relatively easy...will seriously consider adding another 50, maybe start with 20. There were no kids or dogs (I truly like kids you know....it may not come across here though!lol)...there was a bit of rain & wind that seemed to be working against me..all in all felt good

Abs challenge: Sooo...have I mentioned the jump in numbers with this (check the calendar)this? Well in the spirit of pushing myself I'd started adding 10 to them...but erm, with the jump in numbers haven't been too enthusiastic. Today was different though, I was determined!!

70 or 80 sit ups (I added 10 or 20 there was an error somewhere in my count)
80 crunches
50 leg raises (felt a little more difficult today)
1min 5secs planks (this was kinda painful)
YEAH BABY!!! badassness is what you see ;)

So far so good...today I didn't feel so bad that there's 17 more days to go. Feeling positive actually. 

I do think the 2 days a week at hyde park training helps A LOT, so come join us!! In the meantime, see you tomorrow for day 14!xx'

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30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 12

I was so tired last night, I completely forgot to update on day 12. I was moody & tense in the morning because of a meeting so gearing up to workout was hard.....no jogging, I think I'll wait till the weekend for that, ankle is a little tender & I want to be ok for the group park training.

'Day 12 of 30 Abs Challenge: REST DAY for abs challenge, but still on the jumping jacks. I think because I was so tense today it felt a little more challenging, like my mind & body were fighting each other. Still did 300. Was annoyed by the the school children just existing at the park while I was there. I really need to get down there early so I don't spend time side eyeing dogs, children & old people (yeah, I said it...they like to hang out at my bench, otherwise no problems).

Today at the park was amazing & challenging. I was bleeding & powered through baby (ok fair enough it was a tiny cut with a lot of blood, still...that's badass!!). So.....erm, why aren't you there, actually? There's hard work, fun, pain, blood & even twerking...you don't know what you're missing!! See below the picture where you can check for more details.'

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 11

Sooo tired this morning, I think I lingered in bed for an extra 30mins gearing myself up for today's challenge. Have I mentioned before that id this wasn't a challenge and I was logging about it I'll do a little less, cos today is one of those days for extra bit of sleep!

'Day 11 of 30 ABs Challenge: Ankle was a little sore so no jogging (trying not to make it a habit though, I was a little too happy about it today). Good stretch then 300 jumping jacks, nice & straight forward bar all the school kids that came out to the park for some reason (why did they let them out?).

Abs challenge still going well. I'm still cussing about the steep increase with the crunches & there was another 15 added today. I have now checked out the whole calendar to make sure I am not surprised again. So it has definitely become more challenging but not too bad. I added 5 to everything. I minute plank today was harder than yesterday.

All getting better, tomorrow is rest day (I checked) for abs challenge but there's still jumping jacks challenge to do. Come join us at Hyde park by 7pm for more fun challenges to be had!!See you tomorrows!xx'

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Monday, 10 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 10

I am currently writing this with sore muscles & a smile on my face. Today has been a good day!

'Day 10 of 30 ABs Challenge: Didn't do any jogging today, time constraint and slightly tender ankle meant I just did some stretches & right into 300 jumping jacks. I keep saying I'll add more to this but today wasn't the day to try. Some ice on this ankle should help a little.

This abs challenge calendar is sly...I didn't actually notice till I was about to do it that the crunches increased by 20. 20 whole crunches when before they've just been adding 3, 5 & 10....tricksters!! Anyway to combat my shock, I decided not add 10. I'll get back to that tomorrow (I think). Form is better, planks are up to a minute...not so bad. Core may be getting stronger, so yay!!

Sooo.....this evening was another session at Hyde park. It was pretty painful & amazing!! Even though I know the instructor was taking it a little easy on us on some level...there were still some drill sergeant moment. I keep thinking the jogging is improving some things but bloody hell, do I need to step up. Next session is Wednesday, keep an eye out on www.facebook.com/Thirtyafterthirty for details & come join us, you know you want to ;)

All in all a pretty good day 10 (I had coffee so mood miles better than yesterday). See you tomorrow!xx'

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 9

I woke up in a mood this morning, I have no coffee at home, the universe is against me. After much procrastination, I finally roll out of bed only to find I'd put all my exercise wear in the wash & all I have left is the too big jogging pants. *sigh* Mother universe definitely does not love me today.

'Day 9 of 30: This morning jog was without incident and without life, I may push myself for an extra lap around the park. I'm all demotivated today (read: moody) & my pants keep falling down. My ankle feels a little tender though so I'll have to watch out for it. Jumping jacks are without incident, seems a little easier, maybe...just maybe I'll add 50 to it, going up to 350 but let's not get too excited.

Abs challenge is going quite well. I'm pleased I'm adding 10 to it even though I curse every time. I need to be a little more careful with my form on the crunches, I don't have as much control as I'd like. Surprisingly 55secs on the plank isn't bad which means the one minute would be too bad (*side eyes* day 6 Yve for her dramatics). 

All in all very good, there's definitely improvement from day 1, just trying to keep motivated. Tomorrow will be a much better day (I promise to be in a better mood, I'll have coffee), see you then!xx'

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30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 8

Woke up this morning to a slightly tender ankle and small ache in my groin (unfortunately not the good kind of ache). So I decide to take a break from jogging today.

'Day 8 of 30 ABs Challenge: No jog today, mixed emotion of sadness & relief (I have become a strange one with this). I took time with the stretches & warm up today but the jumping jacks started off a little stiff. I'm not sure if I'll take a break from jogging again...seems like a good warm up for the jumping jacks challenge, calf even moaned for a little bit but I ignored. No incident, a rather dishy (yes, I said dishy) personal trainer guy spied me & came chatting. I'be been invited to some boxing thing he does. I'm definitely interested cos I enjoy boxing when I've done it, have my own gloves and everything.

No abs challenge today, didn't realise it was a rest day. I was all geared up and ready to go(you believe me right)

So light day today but definitely something tomorrow. See you then!xx'

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Friday, 7 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 7

Woke up too early & in a bad mood due to lack of sleep (well, enough sleep). My reason for waking up so early had sent me a text to cancel which just annoyed me further. On the one had it meant I could o back to sleep and take my time in my morning routine...on the other hand I was bloody awake at 5am!!

'Day 7 of 30 ABs Challenge: Today, the body actually feels good (save for the odd good ache) after the crippling pain yesterday (yes, yes, I exaggerate, allow me!). I guess the whole 'pushing through the pain' thing actually worked.
Jogging went fairly well, I know my mood makes the body a little tense at first but I got into the groove of it. Shins were ok, calf muscles burning...stretch and massage needed. A little brisk limp in parts but generally without incident.
Jumping jacks were pretty great...50 jumps with no breaks, 6 times with less that a minute stops in between...That was my goal for this week. I'm thinking by the end of next week I should be doing 75 with no breaks but that might be a little ambitious. An old lady came to talk to me about war time antics when I took the break before the last 50 (did 300 by the way), on the one had I was thinking "please leave me alone & let me finish in peace" and on the other I thought "Sweet old lady, she's just being friendly" so I smiled and listened...and got an invite to tea!!

Abs challenge is making me smile. I always start off thinking "yeah this is getting easy" until I get to the half-way and things get tough. Sit-ups go well, better form today with the crunches, my legs feel a littl heavier though in the leg raise but finished up at 50secs on plank...yeah, that's not so easy.

It's only been a week but I'm quite proud about sticking to it, the abs workout feels better than day 1 that's for sure. I will not be looking for any changes till the full 30 days are done, I'm not even sure what I should be looking for. I'm trying not to think too much about the remaining 23 days...that's a lot of commitment for a girl like me! I do know for a fact though, you'll see me tomorrow!xx'

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ADDED NOTE: This evening had the training organised by thirtyafterthirty.com, week 1, day 2. Based on how I felt Thursday, I was pretty skeptical I'd be able to survive another one...but it was pretty great (wardrobe malfunction notwithstanding), less moany than I was on Tuesday & still very good fun, come join us there...you know you want to (details for the next session can be found http://www.facebook.com/Thirtyafterthirty)

Thursday, 6 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 6

Woke up in actual pain, literally rolled out of bed this morning. I think if it wasn't for the challenge aspect and the fact I am blogging about it, today may have been the day I decide to linger in bed and have a couple of days off, which might turn into a week, which might turn into 2, then a month....basically I have a pattern. Anyway, I'm in pain feel sorry for me!!

'Day 6 of 30 ABs Challenge: Did some extra stretching and warm up to get loose, very much needed. Jog started off a little slow which I expected, threw in a couple of 30secs - 1min brisks walks especially when my shins started doing their thing. The last few yards was some odd limping, jogging thing tat had me laughing to myself.

Jumping jacks were a little harder, by 150 I was contemplating doing only 200 but I'm kind of use to saying 300 jumping jacks per day so I pushed through...the jumps from 200 - 250 felt like torture, but last 50 were surprisingly ok...probably the extra burst of energy to the finish.

"Oh, abs challenge is going very well" is my thought when I start on the and....that thought only lasted up to 20 because they felt easier...after that was a little bit of a struggle. I'm still adding 10 to everything (I'm starting to rethink this). Was not entirely pleased with my form on the crunches, I think the soreness got to me there, leg raises were not bad. 45 seconds with plank was a little hard...not sure how I will do over 1min that's coming up next week but I'll let future Yve figure that one out!

Day 6 down, the thought occurred to me I have 24 more days of this, how exactly will I manage :'( !! See you tomorrow though!xx'

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 5

Waking up was easy, I had some soap opera/Sunset Beach type dream that ended on a cliff-hanger before my alarm went off so I was already up. Getting out of bed was a little hard though. First thing was laughter after dream, next thing was groaning in pain. Was a little worried about my right hip so said a silent prayer that it be ok (back story: a few years ago I was seriously into the exercise thing and then had a mystery injury on my right hip, woke up one morning to no movement without excruciating pain. It took a little while to recover, apparently years of not walking properly, my shoe scruff confirms this, and all the exercise aggravated it. All good now but there is a certain fear that lingers).

'Day 5 of 30 ABs Challenge: Did some extra stretching today beforehand, some old folks were in my usual area, I gave them the side eye, I don't like these kind of changes to my routine. Jogging started off a little stiff.  I knew it'll be a tough one after Day 4 but rather proud of myself as at no point did it occur to me to stop, a couple of more brisk walks were added on though. I've noticed that the shin thing gets bad at certain in the jog...I'm not sure if it's to do with length of time but I'm leaning towards the fact that there's a certain part of the park that becomes very uneven. I think the unevenness causes problems. I actually push through this time not letting it stop me (yay!!) but by the end it was actually screaming at me...I did finish though. Realised hip was fine by the end of jog so smiles all round

On to 300 jumping jacks; according to the challenge, well my calculation (I'm a maths buff didn't you know), I need to do 200 per day but I've decided to stick to 300 as much as possible. First 50 were beautiful, all done no pause, next 50 a little harder but still ok. Then the 50 to take me to 150,urrrmmm...that became a little bit tough...I managed it though while keeping an eye out on a dog that was trying to play near me. It's a little one, I think I can take it if it tries to attack (have I mentioned I'm af...skeptical of these things?). That actually keeps me going, I figure it'll only be encouraged to come even closer if it comes near me. I think the dog owner knows I have ill feelings towards it's pet cos she picks it up while giving me the evil eye. Back to jumping jacks, by 200 I was rethinking my life's philosophy and why I'm foolish to want to do 300, this leads me on to wondering exactly what my life's philosophy is other than 'cake was created for happiness' (did I mention I can be easily distracted). At 250, I needed at least a minute break but I managed the last 50, hate to admit it but it wasn't easy.

On to the abs challenge. The first couple of sit-ups felt very good. I got very happy and started thinking "oh, it's not so bad, I can add 10 easily", feeling rather pleased with myself. By 20, I decided I really should stop thinking foolish things and adding numbers to this challenge. By the time it came to 30, I really wanted to stop...but I'm a woman of my word (as much as possible)...even if it's just a word with myself. 
The rest were not so bad...leg raises were a little harder...I actually paused after 20 when I had only 2 left. Planks are now up to 40secs, hooray for me!!! All in all progress is being made (I think, I hope)

I wasn't in a bad a state as I thought I would be after yesterday. Day 5 down, see you tomorrow!xx'

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 4

Ignored all my alarms at woke up my 7am. My body is actually aching, didn't expect that but as was told, probably my body being woken up again.

Day 4 of 30 ABs Challenge: Today is actually REST day, yay!!! But that's only rest from the abs challenge, I'm still doing bits of exercises so decided to update anyway. Jogging today was hard, mostly because of the shin thing. I have been advised to massage it so I'll be doing that daily, hopefully it should make it better.
Jumping Jacks challenge went quite well. I should have been down to just 200 a day now but figured I should carry on with 300, seeing as I can do it. I think it's doing something for my arms....we'll see about that.

In addition to all that, thirtyafterthirty.com has organised exercise sessions twice a week and today was the first day. I was a little apprehensive, I always prefer my own pace but that also means I may not push myself so much.
It was a great session, definitely did not feel easy but I have the feeling the instructor was being nice to us as it was the 1st time. I don't think the next one will be quite as tame and I am looking forward to it with both excitement and dread. I am definitely dreading the aches & pains tomorrow...not sure I'll be able to move from my bed. 

Rest day?? What rest day? Back on abs challenge tomorrow. I definitely will be dragging myself out of bed...I just don't know what state I will be in. See you tomorrow!xx

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Monday, 3 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 3

Got woken up at 4:45am, so wasn't in the best of moods when it came to workout time. Slow start

'Day 3 of 30 AB Challenge: Woke up a little stiff & to small aches and pains. realised I have not been stretching after exercise so lesson for today is 'STRETCH PROPERLY PLEASE!'
Jog and jumping jacks went without incident...there was a dog that looked a little too hungry for my liking, that gave me a pause for a few secs but other than that it was all good. Shins still a problem but it'll just have to get use to this.

Abs challenge went better today, sit-ups felt better than yesterday (stretching beforehand definitely made a difference) and I'm addin 10 to everything to have some kind of order to what I'm doing...as time goes o I'll try to add more.

I've been Yve, it's been day 3, tomorrow is rest day so I'll see you the day after!xx
(did I mention my bum looks fab in my jogging bottoms? That's motivation in itself to get me wearing them daily ;) )'

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 2

This is day 2, getting out of bed a little tough...late night drinking wine does that to a person.

Day 2 of 30 AB Challenge: As usual I decided to do cardio before the abs challenge (well not really  as usual, it's only day 2). I saw a jumping jacks challenge* (I think the word 'challenge' excites me...only explanation for this madness), 6,000 jumping jacks in 30 days. I figured because of this, I'll only go round the park once, jumping jacks, then abs challenges. My old man  (see how I've claimed him) is not there today and the place is full of dog walkers, I've made a mental note to do this earlier in the day, I'm skeptical about these creatures. Today is better than yesterday,  less rest, no weird stitch, but my shins hate it even more than they did yesterday...I think it's a stretching thing. A woman running in front of me gives me the giggles, then the thought that I may look like than while jogging makes me stop laughing. I see a man with his little daughter jogging together, an 'aww' moment. Yes, my kids will suf...enjoy exercise with me when the time comes.

On to the jumping jacks challenge....should be 200 a day but as I've missed yesterday, it'll be 300 per day for the first 2 days. I have a moment of thinking it should be 300 per day for 30days in line with the 'thirtyafterthirty' theme, then I decide that was the devil (thought) briefly trying to kill me. First 50 are fine, by 100 I'm wondering if I can do 200 easily, at 180 I'm thinking if I should just stop at 200, trying to calculate if indeed I need to do all this to complete the challenge at the end of the month (& forget the last 100). By 250 I get second wind, at 280 I wondered where the second wind went. I did 300, feeling rather proud of myself.

Now the actual abs challenge: the sit ups seem harder today than yesterday, needed a bit of padding for tail bone, I did not go over the 20 in the challenge, the crunches also seem a little harder but I do more than stated, same with the leg raises and plank (I'm going over 30secs with it). I do them as much as still feels good to me, to be honest as long as I don't do less than is stated & my form remains good, I'm not really counting.

Day 2 of 30 done...please forgive the long posts/rants!! See you tomorrow!xx

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*Jumping Jacks challenge with Eights And Weights @eightsnweights

Saturday, 1 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 1

So taking a break from the angst, the emotions, the teasing and the sex (apologies but I'll do something real soon). I'm bring something a little different I'm involved in. My gorgeous friend over at http://thirtyafterthirty.com is doing a whole series of challenges, some crazy, some hard work, all fun. I will be involved with some of them and will be posting what I do here. Below is my entry on the facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/Thirtyafterthirty) for Day 1 of the ab challenge (see pic):

'So I decided to do the abs challenge with the gorgeous one over at thirtyafterthirty.com and I also saw it as a way to get back into the fitness thing after time off (injury then laziness). As I've flirted with exercise I figured just abs isn't enough so I decided to do some cardio 1st.

Commence jog around the park. I've decided it's bigger than a football field. I don't know the actual dimensions of a football field but it looks bigger than what I see 22 (or more) men running around in. Started off well...then went downhill...my shins hated it, I got a very weird stitch/cramp below my stomach, to the side of my pelvis (can you guess where yet?) but there was a lovely old man who cheered me on (I hope he's there tomorrow, I think I'll need him). Cardio done, on to the challenge...I did more than stated...not on purpose, but I was counting without paying much attention to the numbers...it felt good to get back to it.

Bloody hell, this tuned into a long post when all I really want to say was I'm on this...day 1 down, bring on the 29!!!! See you tomorrow!xx 

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Senses Of You

I don’t let them look into my eyes
They don’t see me like you do
The light behind the dark
See my soul catch fire

I don’t let their words seduce me
They don’t sound like you do
Sounds melting me from hard ice to hot liquid
Heating up from embers to volcano

I don’t savour their many flavours
They don’t taste like you
Exquisite sweetness of life
Trying to satisfy the insatiable

I don’t let their touch linger
They don’t feel like you do
Caress sending chills across my skin
Touch that calms and excites me  

I don’t let them in my bed
They don’t smell like you do

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Waking Hour*

I wake up and my first thought is, “yeah, I overslept again”.  I may have been a little too friendly with the snooze button this morning.
My next thought is, “Coffee!” which excites me for a second, then I remember I’m supposed to be off the brown nectar at the moment; healthier body, healthier mind...all that malarkey. This is not a good week to be without my favourite vices, my usual calm is being threatened from all sides.
I lay back down as green tea does not feel me with much excitement, and think about those things that I try to dwell on only at late nights and early mornings, before letting the day consume me. Lately though those thoughts have been spilling into the day, affecting things I’d rather it didn’t, no longer contained. I don’t like that; things should stay in their boxes.
I say my morning greetings to my whatsapp and online family, some people I would never have thought I’d be as close to as I am, but I’m learning bonds can come from the most random, surprising places, when you least expect it. Now I just embrace and relish in it.
My phone shows me the missed call from Nigeria, “why do they call so early?” I think.  I sigh in relief it’s not Mum but I’m reminded that there is an important decision to be made. I’ve been stalling, hoping the Universe takes control but I think she’s handed me the reins on this one.
I think about the day’s plan, trying to decide on things. We finally have good weather and I should take advantage. Living at home and working from home can get a little claustrophobic. Being outside allows some air, some breathing space, freedom for my thoughts and letting it wonder away from me. Besides my sister has been dropping some major hints about peppersoup which means there is shopping to be done.
I leave the comfort of my bed reluctantly; decide a little extra joy is needed as I fill the kettle. A sigh of pleasure escapes my lips as I take a sip, I’ll get back to my healthy body and mind tomorrow.

*written for the 3six5 Nigeria project @ http://the3six5ng.wordpress.com/

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Let's Play

Let’s play a game
We’ll start off slow
Just in case you need to take a breath
Let’s breathe together
Touching each other gently, softly
Let me hold the back of your head
Let me kiss you slowly
Pull me closer on to you
Set my body on fire
Tease me and open me up
Make me need you inside
Let me take you in deep
Let me clench around you
Feel the tightness, the pleasure
Let me ride, pushing back on you
Let’s increase the pace
Let’s lose control

So come play with me
And whoever dies the little death first...


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother Forever

I see a picture and the tears form
See the thinness of her skin, the frailty of her bones
This lady who has such a lonely face, but there's still fire in her eyes
The beauty comes through when she smiles
My mother, my protector, my strength in every given day
Her strength may be weakening, her mind not entirely her own
She may not recognise all of me but I hear excitement when she hears my voice
I imagine her face lighting up as she makes sure I am ok
I see her deepest within, her hope for betterness and better things for her children
Her faith is still alive...it's still there
And as long as she has that, my strength remains

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

On My Knees

On my knees is where I wait for you
The air heavy with anticipation
As I wait to worship at your phallus

On my knees is where you find me
Callused hands caress my neck
Hair pulled back roughly at your mercy

On my knees is where you take me
Opening my lips up wide to feed me slow
Then more insistently to take you all the way in

On my knees is where I give control
Letting you push as hard as you like
Letting you pull as gently as you want

On my knees is where I take you deep
Swallow you whole as you come inside
Hold you close as you get back to me slowly

On my knees is where you love me
There is power when I'm on my knees