Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It Started With Her Legs.....

I first hear the sound of her high heels, walking with that confidence, the clicking making one of the sexiest sounds a beautiful woman can make

As she walks towards me I am taken with her legs, beautiful long legs I'd imagine wrapped around mine. Or better yet, over my shoulders as I appreciate her

She comes and sits beside me, her skirt riding up a little, showing a bit more skin and I am drawn to the shadow between her thighs as she crosses them

I see myself smiling and telling her she is beautiful; see her looking at me quizzically before smiling back

I see me caressing her legs, slowing up & down from her feet to her thighs. See myself opening her up to view the uniqueness that is her and her alone

I will watch her luscious lips as they come out to greet me.  Watch them quiver as I pet and stroke, all the while talking to them, telling them how beautiful they are

I see myself gently pulling them apart to look at her inner lips, licking them a little, spreading the top searching for that button

I’ll approach it slowly, travelling first to the tender spot that is her inner thighs. I will kiss it, lick it with the tip of my tongue, moving closer to her lips and then float away

I will want her to wait in anticipation. I will lick the crease of her thighs, make my way down slowly, nuzzle my face into her brush my lips against her center

I will feel her moving underneath me straining to get a little bit more of me then I’ll put my lips right on top of her clit kissing her gently, then harder

I will gently spread her legs and my tongue will separate her lips running in between layers of plump flesh as I feast on her

I will pull her lips apart and will flick my tongue against her clit quickly, feeling her legs shake I will start to suck gently, then a little harder

I will heed her instructions not to stop and suck harder still. I will slip a finger between her lips, first one and then another

I will speed up when she wants to go faster, slow down when her body tells me to, follow the direction as her body orchestrates

I will feel her body beginning to tremble in pleasure then tensing, I will suck harder then, hanging in there till it’s over, my tongue licking her lips gently now  

I see myself talking to her, stroking her, letting her come all the way down from her high gently  

I snap out of my reverie as she comes and sits beside me with her long beautiful legs, her skirt riding up a little, showing a bit more skin, I lift my eyes up and look at her smiling into those warm brown eyes and I hear myself say, “Hi.............

Monday, 19 November 2012

Think About Me

As I lay in the dark, with the world finally slowing down
Allowing myself to finally take a breath
I have to wonder, do you think about me
Like I think about you

As I close my eyes, letting memories pass
Letting nostalgia wash over me
I have to wonder, do you think about me
Like I think about you

As I remember your voice, whispering in my ear
Telling me I am your weakness
I have to wonder, do you think about me
Like I think about you

As I recollect every caress, your hands on my skin
Of you pulling me closer into you
I have to wonder, do you think about me
Like I think about you

As I recall every gasp for air, to replace what you took
Getting lost in the taste of your kiss
I have to wonder, do you think about me
Like I think about you

As I open my eyes, with my hands between my thighs
Trying to fill the void that you left behind
I have to wonder, do you think about me
Like I think about you

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hopeful Words

As I sit back and read through the words
Reading into things, analysing and over-analysing
Wondering if I missed anything not said
I realise I had hope, unexpected hope
Hope against realities set in place by others
Hope in face of impracticalites I had no control of
Hope that the words would translate
Translate into much more than what they were
I try to fight it, kill it, to hide it
But it doesn't go away, it keeps reigniting
So I throws the words away, hoping they go to oblivion
Wishing my mind erases them, no longer able to recall
Recall the words that give such impossible hope
Because no matter how beautiful these words are
No matter how sincere
The sentiment remains the same

I don't want you.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Smiles For Him

He makes me smile
I hate to admit it, but he makes me smile
Bright silly smiles that chase the blues away
Smiles that keep me warm in the cold
Smiles that show I trust when I don't want to

At the most inappropriate times he makes me smile
Smiles that help the hurt pride refuses to show
Smiles that keep people guessing
Secret smiles meant only for him
Smiles that show love even when I try to hide it

And even when he's making me cry, he makes me smile

Friday, 24 August 2012


You make me miss things I'd rather not miss
Miss the sense of belonging
Miss long nights of just being held
Miss conversations of everything and nothing 

You make me feel things I'd rather not feel
Feel like all is right with our world
Feel like I don't have to be so strong all the time
Feel like I can let go a little

You make me do things I'd rather not do
Think of you, thoughts that should be forbidden
Stay with you when I shouldn't be there
Call you just to hear your voice

You make me want things I can't have
You make me want you

Monday, 6 August 2012

Dancer's Voyeur

Every beat of the drums is felt in her heart

The strumming of the guitar strings pulls at her very being

The rich, warm, complex sounds of the saxophone flows through her

The music surrounding, embracing pulling her deeper into a trance

The music promising to make you forget everything else but the moment and her

Her eyes close, lost in the rhythm surrendering to the rising crescendo

The heart, body and soul dancing to the sensual rhythmic beat in sync

The sway of hips moving slowly as the drums slowed, undulating as it speeds up

Sweat glistening on skin, head thrown back in pure abandon letting passion show

Her body pulses messages the watchers are only too happy to receive

The music slows but she doesn’t stop, her message now subtle but still understood  

Eyes open at the end of the song, now aware of those affected by her movements

Sadness the moment is over, excitement for what next to come

Who received the message and who will respond

The voyeur's role over, participation now welcome

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Corseted Curve

Wrap me up in silk and leather
Wrap me slowly as we breathe together
Listen to me gasp in pleasure
Like I found some hidden treasure
While you lace me up real tight
Drinking me up with your sight
Tugging at the tight restraints
Kissing so hard I start to faint
Looking like you need to take a sip
Straight from down my nether lips
I look in the mirror, to see what you see
Looking at a different version of me
The rising and falling
Heaving and sighing
Voluptuous bosoms over-spilling
Over abundant gift so thrilling
Cinched in waist with just the right dip
A handful for a proper grip
Captured curves of rounded hips
The dangle of suspender clips
I watch you try to quench your desire
Just as I preen for you to admire
Imagination fly and minds untie
Mutual understanding greeted with a sigh
Let me be your Venus in curves
Be the price only you deserve

Friday, 6 July 2012

Dangerous Fascinations And Unhealthy Fixations

One of my favourites (edited):

We all want things that we know are bad for us. Everyone has dangerous fascinations and unhealthy fixations. Some of them are a little harder to explain than others, but most of us know how to keep our impulses in check, we use willpower to fight off our darker instincts. Unfortunately, for others willpower just isn't enough. The siren call of one's own obsessions is simply too strong to resist. The thing we used to want becomes a thing we now need. Our obsession becomes our compulsion. Until we realise, pursuing the one thing we want most in life has left us without much of a life at all. But in the end, the compulsions are still there taking us to ecstasy or pushing us over the edge to the brink of death.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fantasy Unfulfilled

Eyes meet across a crowded room
Curiosity piqued, questions asked without words
Compulsion to touch and be touched unrealised
Secret smiles exchanged, needs recognised
Moving closer still, just enough to feel the breath on skin
Not so much that it is noticed by those unaffected
Lips move speaking one thing, eyes saying another
Only the eyes speak the truth
The truth of fantasies waiting to be fulfilled

Fantasies of soft skin against hard surfaces
Of warm hands exploring  hot bodies
Fantasies of arched backs and bended knees
Of being unmasked and boundaries crossed
Where the only restraints are ties that bind with pleasure
Chaffed wrists, nails scratches, bruised lips
Of begging with unintelligible screams
Fantasies of coming together skin slick with sweat

Tenuous link temporarily broken
Attention is called back to the crowded room
When they meet again lips and eyes are in sync
Speaking the same language, saying the same words
Words of goodbye in parting, speaking of promises to come
When satisfaction will replace curiosity
When desires will be brought to life

Friday, 29 June 2012


anticipate: expectancy, eagerness, to look forward (especially) with pleasure

the sigh at the end of the phone line starts it off
restlessness sets in
listening to the ticking of the clock, time slows down
impatient fingers drumming, itching to touch and be touched
all senses heightened
every feeling intensified
wind like a gentle caress
rain, little nips, bites across the skin.
key slides into its slot
the heartbeat quickens at the sound.
Almost there
time slows right down as eyes meet, questions answered
glistening sweet red wine on lips
warm breath on skin
fabric hitting the ground
the whisper of zips being undone
clasps sliding out of constraints
and then......

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Be Honest

What if for just one day you could say what you are really thinking? What you really want? What if somebody gave you permission to be honest, even just for a second?

Would you tell your boss you find new ways to cause them grievious bodily harm everyday to get through?

Would you open up and admit your fear you might not be as good as you believe?

Would you tell your parents being grown-up can be hard sometimes and you have days of wanting to be a child again?

Would you tell your friends you are tired of being strong sometimes?

Would you tell your childhood friend that the reason you have been avoiding their phone call is because you no longer have enough in common?

Would you tell the girl at the bar she's really not as hot as she thinks and you're only chatting her up because you couldn't get any joy from your first choice?

Would you tell the guy at the bar champagne is overrated, just fizzy white wine for unnecessary show offs & leaves you completely unimpressed?

Would you tell your friend he/she is making a big mistake marying her/him?

Would you tell your ex-lover that despite all that has happened you want them back?

Would you tell your current lover of those deep, dark thoughts swirling around in your head that you want him/her to try?

Would you tell your FWB that you now want more than the occasional late night phone call?

Would you tell that elusive one that when you think of them you see hot wax & cool silk sheets?

So think about it for a minute, if you have the permission.....would you honest?

Songs Of Solomon (Excerpt)

This is so subtly sexy to me.......

Let him kiss me with kisses of his mouth
For thy love is better wine
His fruit is sweet to my taste
His left hand is under my head
and his right hand doth embrace me

Behold thou art fair my love
Thy lips are like a thread of salt
Thine eyes are as dove behind the veil
And comely is thy mouth
Thy navel is like a round goblet
Wherein no mingled wine is wanting
Thy belly is like a heap of wheat set about
with lilies
And thy mouth like the best wine
Open to me my dove
For my head is filled with drops of the night

Come my beloved
Let us see if the vine flourishes
and the tender grapes appear
and the pomegranates bud forth
And there will I give thee my love

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

System Failure

"This is what you love. This is what you live for. You're supposed to be enjoying this". My brain whispers furiously to My body. "You're not working as you are meant to".

"I know I am supposed to be". My body answers back wearily. "I am trying to work but I'm not and I am tired of doing things just because you say so. I am sorry if I have failed you".

"How can you be tired?" My brain asks, puzzled at the thought. "You're still young and this is what it's all about. It's about the highs, the thrill and the heat of that little touch, that contact however hard or soft".

My Body replies angrily, "I know I'm young but that does not stop me from feeling older than my years. I am tired and I need to recover from the daily grind but you never let me. You never let me rest from anything".

"I need to recover from those long work days. I need to recover from those real early mornings to those late late nights. I need to recover from those days of way too much sleep and those days of much too little. From your pursuit of some idealistic perfect body to your enjoyment of decadence.

From that trauma you had me go through but did not let me rest from. I understood your need to hide, to be strong and I allowed you to lead, thinking you'll soon let me rest but you didn't. In your selfishness you didn't understand that I needed time to stop and heal.

I need to recover from the cold. From the heat, aches and pain, the bruises. I know we have to keep going, that life does not stop just because I am unwell but you need to also take care of me I rely on you more that I want to.

Do you think I don't miss it? Miss the highs, the thrill the feel of it all? Of course I do. But all that will have to wait until I recover from everything you put me through".

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Art Of Seduction

The art of seduction can be a big production or could just be in a lot of little subtle things......this one's a lot of subtle things that make a production.

It is in the tilt of the head when you begin to think

the dreamy glaze over the eyes as the idea forms

It's the sheepish smile as it all comes together

It is that know, the Syleena Johnsonn track that always gets you going

It is that perfumed soap that you rarely use, luxuriously gliding over your body

It is that lotion, the one that's illuminated in gold, that highlights all your curves when caught in the light

It's your hands moving slowly, sensually across your body in long motions as you imagine hands that are not yours following suit

It is in making the right selection from the satins, the silks, the lace........or nothing at all

It is in figuring out the perfect pair of shoes - heels of course - to go over the perfect pair of stockings - lace tops with little bows

It is the perfect coat that goes over all that lace, the chosen fabric

It is the sparkle in your eyes as you make the journey to the end destination

It is the smile of appreciation on his face when he sees you at his door

It is in the flourish with which you take your coat off when he asks to hang it

It is the widening in his eyes as he watches you walk in scraps of lace and nothing else

It is in the senses; the sights, the smell, the taste, the touch

And with mutual satisfaction comes the completion of the art of seduction

Monday, 25 June 2012


I was ok with it.

I had made a decision and I was going to stick to it. I was not going to think about whether it was a good or bad one. I had made a choice and I was going to be ok.

At least that is what I told myself. Maybe I should have deleted your number but I chose not to. I made a decision. I guess I needed to at least hold on to your name, looking at it every once in a while, never calling. Just knowing I had a choice made it ok.

I moved on to other things, other places, other people. I got someone else. Not to replace you, even I knew I could never replace you. I just needed to be distracted. I guess it worked because eventually I stopped looking at your number every once in a while but I knew it was still there. In fact I stopped looking at my phone.

Then, as it is with life, when I thought I was finally ok and when I least expected it, my mind wandered back to you and I remembered.

I remembered the kisses, especially the light ones on the neck and down my back

I remembered talking till the break of dawn of things completely irrelevant to anyone else but us

I remembered us breaking into dance, in the middle of the street, our laughter as music

I remembered waking up to you watching me and you saying it was because you loved watching me sleep

I remembered wanting to be so close to you that I felt like crawling underneath your skin

I remembered all you had to do was say the words and I died the little death in the most exquisite way

So I made a decision and I looked at my phone. Scrolled down to your name, pressed the call button and then I waited.......

Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Way We Like

We fall asleep, you on your back, my head on your chest listening to your heart beat.  My leg draped over yours......the way you like so much

We wake up, both on our sides, my back to your front, your arm around me.....the way I like so much

You stir behind me, getting harder as you wake, pushing forward ever so gently.  I smile still half asleep, pushing back encouragingly as I awake. I feel your breath on my neck as you kiss me gently, one hand softly kneading my breast, the other lifting my night dress, finding its way between my thighs......finding me hot, soaking wet, wanting.  Your hands get more finger in, then another, thumb on clit, I arch my back, you bite my press even lift one leg up and slide right into the heat. 

We move hold me tight till the end....enjoying each other, the way we like so much

Random Things about Me

I wrote this about 3 years ago....they mostly still apply so I figured it's a good way to introduce myself.

1. I am African, specifically Nigerian and proud

2. I am not a fan of exercise but i love boxing (doing, not watching)

3. I can only sit through a whole movie at the cinema, at home my attention span doesn't last more than 30mins.....1hr tops

4. I'd rather go visit people than have them come visit me

5. I believe my mother to be the coolest woman alive......close 2nds are all 5 of my sisters

6. I have absolutely no fear of getting older

7. I can't speak my native language, some days I wish I did but it is what it is

8. I would like to blog but not sure I would like people to know me that much (well that's no longer the case I think....testing the waters)

9. No matter how much I am prepared for change, I still hate it.

10. I have the best taste in desserts.

11. My heart has been broken twice....when i was 16 and the second time was my own fault (no questions, please :-)!!)

12. One of best advices from my naked in front of a mirror.....try it....hilarious!!!

13. I once played chess on my laptop for 10hrs straight & didn't win once....only came close 4 tyms

14. Give me a good book & am happy for days

15. I may be addicted to gorgeous high heeled shoes.....the jury's still out on that

16. I enjoy drinking (alcohol)....but not to the extent some people think

17. The people closest to me think I hide my feelings too much....I call it maintaining the mystique....either way, they get hurt by it sometimes

18. I am more ambitious/competitive than I like to let on

19. I hate mayonaise

20. I am a bit of a's the little things that count.

21. I love most music. give me some old soul vibe & am in heaven

22. I really want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, might need to learn how to drive first, though

23. It has taken me 5 months to finally get a cooker & I still havn't had it installed, yes the various take-aways in my area know me very well (well it was installed and I moved out of the property almost 2 years ago)

24. I enjoy solitude as much as I enjoy socialising

25. I seem to be a whole bunch of contradictions....that comes across to others in so many different ways but really am just me


Erm, I decided to have a blog. I have been thinking about it for some time now but never knew exactly want I wanted to write about. Since I still haven't figured that bit out it's just going to be general musings of me. Life, love, sex, lingerie, shoes and any other of the good stuff that comes my way. Suggestions are welcome by the way.....if anyone gets round to reading this.

Ok, let us begin.......