Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rush Hour

More people pile into the packed train, trying to fit, making it a tight squeeze
Bodies pushing into each other, fresh and stale scents mingling,
the unique odour of the morning rush
Pushed by those still trying to get in, I'm pressed harder into the body behind me
I mumble an apology unable to turn and a hear a deep voice in acknowledgement
The train jolts and I fall back into him some more, we laugh together as I try to get my balance
His hands hold me by the waist to keep me steady but then they linger, moving down my skirt
He slides it lower over my ass to the hem lifting it to the tops of my lace stockings
Lightly running his fingers at the top of my thighs, he traces circles on my thighs moving up higher
I gasp as he starts to stroke me through my panties
My legs part as his finger slides along my covered slit, my wetness soaking through
He tugs my panties to the side and allows his fingers trace along my fold
His finger dance between my wet lips and soft-haired mound
The train stops abruptly at the next stop causing his finger to sink in more deeply inside
He holds it there, not moving keeping me on the brink
Some passengers step out to the platform and more get on the train
I briefly wonder if they can smell me, if they know what is happening beneath my skirt
I concentrate to keep my face neutral to not sigh, not let out a moan
The train starts to move again and the finger in me begins it's play
Dipping slowly in and out, a little deeper still while his thumb start to tease my clit
My hips start to rotate, grinding gently against him, my walls closing in around his finger
He doesn't slow down, his finger twisting and probing,thumb stroking rhythmically
My fists clench on the pole I have been holding onto for support as the train speedily through a tunnel
Trying to keep steady my breathing hastens, body tenses as I find my release
Outwardly quiet but intense explosion in my head, vision blurring as I fall over the edge and into orgasm
He taps gently against my mound as I come down pulling out and leaving me empty
He cleans my juices off rubbing his fingers on my thighs letting my skirt fall into its right place
The train rolls into the next stop, my destination, slowing down as it comes to a stop
I adjust the bag hanging on my shoulder and smile as he whispers, "So, same time tomorrow?"
"Of course", I reply with a smile, "the 08:07 to Bank" and I step on to the platform.

Seduction Of The Mind*

The seduction of one's mind can take time
Like an artist with a brush
Creating not art but passion-filled lust

Seduction of the mind can be a great game
The goal of which to light passions great flame
To fill the mind with great desire
to dance within passions great fire

When seduction of the mind comes first
It can release passion with a burst
Setting lovers free to explore
With their minds an open door

*found elsewhere