Friday, 7 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 7

Woke up too early & in a bad mood due to lack of sleep (well, enough sleep). My reason for waking up so early had sent me a text to cancel which just annoyed me further. On the one had it meant I could o back to sleep and take my time in my morning routine...on the other hand I was bloody awake at 5am!!

'Day 7 of 30 ABs Challenge: Today, the body actually feels good (save for the odd good ache) after the crippling pain yesterday (yes, yes, I exaggerate, allow me!). I guess the whole 'pushing through the pain' thing actually worked.
Jogging went fairly well, I know my mood makes the body a little tense at first but I got into the groove of it. Shins were ok, calf muscles burning...stretch and massage needed. A little brisk limp in parts but generally without incident.
Jumping jacks were pretty great...50 jumps with no breaks, 6 times with less that a minute stops in between...That was my goal for this week. I'm thinking by the end of next week I should be doing 75 with no breaks but that might be a little ambitious. An old lady came to talk to me about war time antics when I took the break before the last 50 (did 300 by the way), on the one had I was thinking "please leave me alone & let me finish in peace" and on the other I thought "Sweet old lady, she's just being friendly" so I smiled and listened...and got an invite to tea!!

Abs challenge is making me smile. I always start off thinking "yeah this is getting easy" until I get to the half-way and things get tough. Sit-ups go well, better form today with the crunches, my legs feel a littl heavier though in the leg raise but finished up at 50secs on plank...yeah, that's not so easy.

It's only been a week but I'm quite proud about sticking to it, the abs workout feels better than day 1 that's for sure. I will not be looking for any changes till the full 30 days are done, I'm not even sure what I should be looking for. I'm trying not to think too much about the remaining 23 days...that's a lot of commitment for a girl like me! I do know for a fact though, you'll see me tomorrow!xx'

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ADDED NOTE: This evening had the training organised by, week 1, day 2. Based on how I felt Thursday, I was pretty skeptical I'd be able to survive another one...but it was pretty great (wardrobe malfunction notwithstanding), less moany than I was on Tuesday & still very good fun, come join us know you want to (details for the next session can be found

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