Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Don't Turn Around II - Voyeurism (The Watcher)

It'd been a long day, an overly demanding boss, some ungrateful customers all amounted me to needing a drink or several and I knew just the place to get a little time off from reality.

I order drinks and make my way to the back, looking for an empty booth, the only company I want to tolerate being the bottles in my hand. I find the perfect spot, an empty booth with seats facing the bar entrance, allowing me to people watch without much being seen.

I sit down comfortably taking a swig of my drink and that is when I see her. She pauses at the doorway as if a little unsure, taking in her environment with a sweeping glance around the bar. I watch as she takes a deep breath as if a questioned had been answered.

I watch he walk up to the bar,  hips undulating, her skirt floating gently around her. Gliding in heels that draw attention to the smooth soft looking skin of her legs. She walks up to the bar, giving the bartender a wide smile with her eyes, obviously flirting as she seems to place an order.

She glances my direction and I look away flustered that I may have been caught staring. I look around the bar and that's when I notice him. He is watching her intensely, seeming to take in her every move, as she stretches to to speak to the bartender, the little laugh she makes at whatever he is telling her as he sets her drink down.

I watch as he stalks up to her and places a hand on her hip, where her top doesn't quite meet her skirt. She tenses up and I do too, wondering what is about to happen.  I watch him whisper in her ear and I see the a naughty smile spread on her face, watch her eyes light up as she listens to him then orders to the bartender.

I watch him kiss her neck and see her body melt into him, her head moving a little more to the side, giving him more access to her neck. She seems to move a little more into  causing me to pull my eyes from her ace down to where I see one of his hands gently pulling her skirt up.

My temperature goes up a couple of notches as I guess what he is doing, I watch her more open a little like in a gasp, her body leaning back, more into him and her eyes closing.  I watch her hands grip the bar and I can't help but wonder what her lower lips look like, what they feel like. Do they pout waiting to be petted,  are they meaty waiting to be eaten.  I watch he hip move gently and wonder how wet she is, how many fingers he is using to give er all that pleasure I read on her face.

So intent is my watching his hands move so obviously in her, I don't notice her eyes open ans she is now watching me.  Looking right into my eyes, hers full of undiluted lust, eyes that start to hold some mischief and I wonder if she knows how hard I am from watching her wanton display.  If she knows I want to drag her away from him, set her on the bar and sink into her wet warmth. I watch her mouth fall open even wider, her breathing quicker and more shallow. I watch and see her nipples through her top, hardening in lust though my eyes remain on hers.

I see her gaze pulling me in, daring me to keep watching, trapping me in her spell. I grip my bottle tighter, trying to control myself, stop myself from getting up and going to her, collecting on the promise her eyes hold. My trousers become uncomfortable, my hardness about to burst out, The thought occurs to me to look away, leave them in their private public display but I can't. It is three of us in that moment, his fingers connecting him to her, my eyes connecting me to her in her raw moment.

I watch her eyes darken even with the distance between us I can see she is at her peak, I can almost feel her as she shudders gently, gripping the bar harder, cumming quietly.  She keeps her eyes on me as she goes over the edge, we remain connected as she comes back slowly, I watch the awareness flowing back into her eyes, her body straightening up.

I watch as she smiles sweetly when he kisses her neck and then her hand, he whispers something to her and she responds still watching me. He takes her by the hand and for the first time I notice she has not looked at him at all in their time together. Not after he walks up behind her at the beginning and kisses her neck the first time, not when he kisses her on her neck as she comes down form her high. She has been watching me all through their sexual tête-à-tête.

I watch as he starts to lead her away, her eyes looking away for the 1st time since she found mine and I feel a loss that our connection is broken and I try to get back to my abandoned bottles but I look up again to find her watching me. She smiles into my eyes and stretches her hand toward me, silently asking me to join and I move quickly. I do not hesitate and follow as I watch her go out of the bar.

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