Tuesday, 18 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 17

Yesterday (day 16) was rest day for the abs challenges & for the 1st time since I started the challenges, I did absolutely nothing!! Which meant I have to make up for the jumping jacks missed (600 in total for day 15 & 16) this week *sigh*.

'Day 17 of 30 ABs challenge: So...400 jumping jacks. Thinking about it in that way makes it seem a hell of a lot so I break it up to 50 jumping jacks 8 times. Still seems like a lot though but I get through it fine. The last 100 were a little difficult, my thighs were not too happy, but my ankle was bad. Have been conscious about it so tried to land as softly as possible.

On to abs challenge

85 sit ups (somehow not getting any easier)
110 crunches (*the feeling is getting stronger than dislike now)
50 leg raises (I should have increased by now but did I mention I hate these)
75secs planks (not as bad when I'm not looking at the damn timer)

*the abs of steel better get here real quick*

All in all pretty happy with how things are going, the last week isn't looking as dauting as it did when I 1st started.

With the jumping jacks challenge, should be at 3,400 by now (average). I am on 4,300 (yay me!) slightly behind if I am going for 9,000 but definitely on point for 6,000!!'

Get involved, lets suf.....enjoy together
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ADDED NOTE: This evening was another hyde park session organised by thirtyafterthirty.com. They have been amazing, torturous beautiful things with great trainers that are passionate about fitness. It's free & it's fun!! Come join us, you know you want to (details for the sessions an be found http://www.facebook.com/Thirtyafterthirty & follow @30after30)

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