Monday, 24 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 23

Today I have what I will refer to as 'final week blues. Absolutely no motivation whatsoever & no real reason for it, not tiredness or anything like it. After speaking to some dear friends, I force myself out of bed & on to the exercises. Sometimes you just have to force yourself.

'Day 23 of 30 Abs Challenge: Exercising indoors, quick stretches and the start off the jumping jacks. Decided to go for 500 & prepare food in between,s for every 100 I'm at the chopping board for no more than a minute. Good way to do it & gives me a nice little time constraint. 500 done & I feel good (& slightly pained with it).

On to the abs challenge

100 sit ups (not bad....starting to feel it from about 40/50)
150 crunches (still don't like them but not too bad, incorporated chest press with 3kgs dumbells into the final 30....yeah, I felt it)
70 leg raises (don't like, don't like, don't like)
100 secs plank (I DID IT!! held it for 100 secs. Was super proud of myself, grinning like a cheshire cat & everything)

So all done...wasn't bad at all, funk over. Not sure what I was moaning about earlier. I've counted it up & I've completed the set challenge of 6,000 jumping jacks*. Now let me see if I can meet the personal goal of 9,000 :). Tomorrow is rest day, I may do another 500 but the limp is telling me I may not be able to. Either way, I'll see you soon!xx'

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* 6,000 jumping jacks in June challenge with Eights And Weights @eightsnweights

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