Sunday, 9 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 9

I woke up in a mood this morning, I have no coffee at home, the universe is against me. After much procrastination, I finally roll out of bed only to find I'd put all my exercise wear in the wash & all I have left is the too big jogging pants. *sigh* Mother universe definitely does not love me today.

'Day 9 of 30: This morning jog was without incident and without life, I may push myself for an extra lap around the park. I'm all demotivated today (read: moody) & my pants keep falling down. My ankle feels a little tender though so I'll have to watch out for it. Jumping jacks are without incident, seems a little easier, maybe...just maybe I'll add 50 to it, going up to 350 but let's not get too excited.

Abs challenge is going quite well. I'm pleased I'm adding 10 to it even though I curse every time. I need to be a little more careful with my form on the crunches, I don't have as much control as I'd like. Surprisingly 55secs on the plank isn't bad which means the one minute would be too bad (*side eyes* day 6 Yve for her dramatics). 

All in all very good, there's definitely improvement from day 1, just trying to keep motivated. Tomorrow will be a much better day (I promise to be in a better mood, I'll have coffee), see you then!xx'

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