Thursday, 20 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 19

After the little 2am excitement I seriously considered giving today a miss (ok, not really but it just sounds more dramatic when I say that!). I'm starting to feel the burn from the group workout of day 17 today..I'm thinking 110 jumping squats and 360 leg flutters will do that to a person.

'Day 19 of 30 ABs Challenge: Back at my spot at the park, loads of dogs again today. There was a cute one that just stood watching me for a while...that was unnerving...but it was cute so the urge to harm it or run wasn't quite there. 400 jumping jacks, the final 100 were a little challenging...considering doing 400 for the rest of the 30 days but we'll see. I do get excited about these things & make all these promises. 

On to the abs challenge

90 sit ups (finally it's no longer painful at 20, that's now increased to...40)
130 crunches (yep..still no love)
60 leg raises (*sigh*)
125sec planks (the last 15 seconds were actually painful!!)

All in all I feel an improvement, I don't see a difference yet (though someone else has noticed) but as I said a few days ago I'm not looking for one till day 30. I'm very happy to be feeling good right now. Rest day for day 20 & I intend to utilize it with no exercise. I seem to have done something to my foot** (it's always something, isn't it?) So see you day 21 ;)!xx'

Get involved, lets suf.....enjoy together
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**ADDED NOTE: This evening was another hyde park session organised by Tonight's session was a bit of a killer especially as I'm still feeling the burn from Monday (day 17). At the end of the session, I really realised how much improved my core is (thank you cursed abs challenge!) so while I wouldn't say it's easier, I'm cursing less. This week's trainer has been great, so was last week's and so will next week's. It's free & it's fun, it's Monday and Wednesday!! Come join us, you know you want to (details for the sessions an be found & follow @30after30)

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