Wednesday, 26 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 25 (yes, I know it's technically 26)

*gasp* I got sick!!! So very sick that I spent all of day 25 in bed moaning (not in the good way). It started from rest day 24 (500 jumping jacks), started while I was on my way to the group work out but I persevered, hoping that ignoring it and & positive thinking will work (hey, it usually does!). Felt great after the workout....for about 2 hrs then it all came crashing down. So now I'm one day behind, doing day 25 when I should be on day 26...but there's a rest day coming up (28) so I'll just carry on. It's the home stretch.

'Day 25 of 30 Abs Challenge: Well I knew today will be a bit of a challenge considering how I was yesterday but I figured I could manage a little something. So cut back the 500 jumping jacks to 300. Just about managed was actually better than expected. The first 50 were a little worrying but got into the stride. Could have pushed for more but decided it wasn't a good idea especially considering I had a group workout tonight**.

On to the abs challenge (decided to go for crunches 1st cos I figured sit up would make me dizzy so might as well get something out properly 1st)

160 crunches (not too bad considering, incorporated chest press with 3kg dumbbells to the last 20...yes I know I did 30 last time ut I'm sick *cough,cough*)
110 sit ups (started feeling this around 40.....had to take a few minutes break after 60, the dizziness kinda got better of me for a bit, but all in all it was ok)
70 legs raises (meh to this....don't like it)
105secs plank (not bad at all, proud I held it, wasn't sure I would)

yay!! I survived it. Had to take a little rest but it was good. I feel pretty good to. Right now I'm pleased...may not feel the same way later. But with this good feeling I say see you tomorrow....home stretch baby ;)!!xx' 

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**ADDED NOTE: Had another great session at the park today. A little challenging but pretty brilliant. New instructor, fresh ideas....every week is different!! Come join us, it's free, it's fun, it's Mondays & Wednesdays (get updates on & follow @30after30)

(added note to added note: I got challenged to be ale to do 20 full push ups by the end of the week. I don't think I've done much more than 10 before...I managed 16. I wish I made it a bet....I would win thins ;) )

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