Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Senses Of You

I don’t let them look into my eyes
They don’t see me like you do
The light behind the dark
See my soul catch fire

I don’t let their words seduce me
They don’t sound like you do
Sounds melting me from hard ice to hot liquid
Heating up from embers to volcano

I don’t savour their many flavours
They don’t taste like you
Exquisite sweetness of life
Trying to satisfy the insatiable

I don’t let their touch linger
They don’t feel like you do
Caress sending chills across my skin
Touch that calms and excites me  

I don’t let them in my bed
They don’t smell like you do

Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Waking Hour*

I wake up and my first thought is, “yeah, I overslept again”.  I may have been a little too friendly with the snooze button this morning.
My next thought is, “Coffee!” which excites me for a second, then I remember I’m supposed to be off the brown nectar at the moment; healthier body, healthier mind...all that malarkey. This is not a good week to be without my favourite vices, my usual calm is being threatened from all sides.
I lay back down as green tea does not feel me with much excitement, and think about those things that I try to dwell on only at late nights and early mornings, before letting the day consume me. Lately though those thoughts have been spilling into the day, affecting things I’d rather it didn’t, no longer contained. I don’t like that; things should stay in their boxes.
I say my morning greetings to my whatsapp and online family, some people I would never have thought I’d be as close to as I am, but I’m learning bonds can come from the most random, surprising places, when you least expect it. Now I just embrace and relish in it.
My phone shows me the missed call from Nigeria, “why do they call so early?” I think.  I sigh in relief it’s not Mum but I’m reminded that there is an important decision to be made. I’ve been stalling, hoping the Universe takes control but I think she’s handed me the reins on this one.
I think about the day’s plan, trying to decide on things. We finally have good weather and I should take advantage. Living at home and working from home can get a little claustrophobic. Being outside allows some air, some breathing space, freedom for my thoughts and letting it wonder away from me. Besides my sister has been dropping some major hints about peppersoup which means there is shopping to be done.
I leave the comfort of my bed reluctantly; decide a little extra joy is needed as I fill the kettle. A sigh of pleasure escapes my lips as I take a sip, I’ll get back to my healthy body and mind tomorrow.

*written for the 3six5 Nigeria project @