Thursday, 13 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 12

I was so tired last night, I completely forgot to update on day 12. I was moody & tense in the morning because of a meeting so gearing up to workout was jogging, I think I'll wait till the weekend for that, ankle is a little tender & I want to be ok for the group park training.

'Day 12 of 30 Abs Challenge: REST DAY for abs challenge, but still on the jumping jacks. I think because I was so tense today it felt a little more challenging, like my mind & body were fighting each other. Still did 300. Was annoyed by the the school children just existing at the park while I was there. I really need to get down there early so I don't spend time side eyeing dogs, children & old people (yeah, I said it...they like to hang out at my bench, otherwise no problems).

Today at the park was amazing & challenging. I was bleeding & powered through baby (ok fair enough it was a tiny cut with a lot of blood, still...that's badass!!). So.....erm, why aren't you there, actually? There's hard work, fun, pain, blood & even don't know what you're missing!! See below the picture where you can check for more details.'

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