Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Thought

The thought turned her on

Thought of that hardness

Rammed in to the hilt

The tightness, the tension

The pleasure, the pressure

Heightened senses, stretching of skin

Slowly and softly

Pushing within

she opens up, accepts him

The hunger takes over

She sucks him in, her body rocks

All of him she is taking

That pleasurable grunt

The tightness flexing

Pulling him in

The feeling explosive

Flushed full of sin

His fingers are squeezing and rubbing that spot

The orgasm building

Pushing deep, moving faster

Just don’t stop she asks

Back arches deeply

She rides tumultuous waves

Hardness pushing into her

Her body is heated, fast rapid breathing and

Light of the head, the sensation lingers

Her body then stiffens

She pushes back hard

The cock thrusts in further

The whole nine yards

She gushes hot liquid as the orgasm hits

He roars with feeling, biting hard on her

withdrawing his manhood

He shoots from his eye

The white pearly milk

Showering her body

With his sweet sticky spunk

Breathless together

Every thought a thread of excitement