Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all was quiet in the house
She tiptoed down the stairs in nothing but her blouse
Right before her he stood and she took in the sight
There by the fire Santa was basking in the light
He looked up and saw her and called her to his side
She hesitated unsure, taking time to decide
He asked again sternly, this time making it a command
She winced at his tone but hastily obeyed his demand
“You’ve been a bad girl” he said, “You know what that means”
She replied, “I don’t know what you mean”, as she played with her seams
“You know not to come downstairs on Christmas Eve night”
“Now do what you do when you don’t get things right”
He held out his hand to take her own and moved to his chair
She bent her head down, bit her lip and played with her hair
He pulled her to him folded her over to lay across his lap
She gasp at the motion, moved her thighs open leaving a gap
A hard slap on her ass caused her to groan
She wriggled around, got more comfy as she laid prone
Another smack to cause the sting that she so enjoyed
A loud moan she uttered as the smack she couldn't avoid
Smacked he kept giving till he felt her wet
Both ass cheeks he spanked in a naughty duet
She wiggled some more as the pleasure took over
Her moans louder, groans deeper as his hand started to rover
Smack ass once, stroke ass once and back to spanking again
The pain, the pleasure her composure she couldn't maintain
His hands moved lower and her wetness he was smacking
Answering that unanswered questions her body was asking
She moved her ass back wanting some stronger relief
The smacks on her wetness nothing more than an aperitif
Fingers in, he started with one then added two
She cried out for joy her loud moans no way to subdue
In and out his fingers moved until her body tensed
Faster he went using other hand for smacks as watching her he sensed
She screamed her release, her body opening up to him, he marveled at the sight
He thought, “Happy Christmas to me, I know I’ll have a good night”

*Merry Christmas folks.  Love well, eat well, drink well....be happy*


  1. Wonderfully written.....words of sweet action with lust and pleasure...I like...I like alot