Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year!! (The Countdown)

Sometime before midnight:

He gently caressed her breasts, suckling one of her nipples. She sighed in contentment under his ministrations. He rubbed her other nipple, rolling it between his fingers and she tried again to move one of his hands between her legs. He released her nipple with a wet smack.

“No, no. You have to wait for that, it's not time yet", he said laughing

“Why not?" she whined.

He quickly glanced at the clock across from him.  "Just wait", he responded, trying to ignore her squirming. He looked lovingly at her body, trailing his hand down her chest, touching her breast and lightly pinching her erect nipple. The slight pain of the pinch made her pussy tingle. His hands continued down her body, drawing slow patterns on her stomach. Using both hands, he traced patterns on her stomach and sides.  His hand crept downward and paused, the sensation was enough to quicken her heart as she waited for them to moved down even further.  She gasped as she felt him lightly trail his fingers over her soft low patch of pubic hair.

She spread her legs a little wider as an invitation for him to explore the soft wet folds of her. She wanted his fingers in her badly, and he was torturing her by delaying the touch she desperately craved. His finger slid up and down her slippery wet slit. He licked his finger and commented on how good her pussy tasted. Once again he traced the cleft of her pussy with his finger and this time offered it to her. She sucked his dripping finger into her mouth, loving the taste of her on him and knowing that he was responsible for the wetness of which he was giving her a taste.  Pulling his finger from her mouth, he returned to playing with her pussy. She felt the second finger work its way into her and sighed heavily; she moaned as her body shook. Her pussy was sopping wet, and the pussy juice made his fingers very wet and slick. She started moving faster against his fingers, moving towards her orgasm but he held back, calling her name to get her attention.

"Countdown from 10" he said. "What??" she asked confused. "Countdown from 15" he repeated

"Ten...." she started

She felt his tongue on her pussy.

"Nine..." she felt it lightly on her clit

"Eight...."she gasped as she felt it darting and enveloping her swollen clit,

"Sev..." , she threw her head back trying to get through the numbers.

"Six..."she felt him thrust his tongue hungrily deeper into her

She started to grind into him, harder, faster, flying into her orgasm in a building wave of intensity "Four.." she screamed as she came. He didn't stop, wanting to draw every last cum from her.

Her toes curled and her thighs tightened around his face. He secured her hand back on the top of his head while her hips moved in rhythm against his face. "Two...." she moaned, her whole body stiffening. She came so hard her body shook but still he didn't stop, his tongue continued to lick patterns through her orgasm; and then he made her have another and another after that one, all the while pausing to tell her how good she tasted. All she could do was writhe helplessly and shake as each orgasm came. Then finally, he moved back up her body, kissing her mouth.

She slowly gained her bearings, hearing fireworks go off outside in the distance.

"Happy New Year babe", he said smiling.  "You missed out on some numbers there. We have to correct that".