Wednesday, 20 November 2013

In The Park

In the park, under the shade and among the overgrowth
Laying back among the grass, the sun feels good on my skin
Eyes closed, listening to music and letting the world's troubles melt away
I feel you hands on my feet but I keep my eyes closed
I expected this, anticipated it, was hoping for this
Feeling your breath on my skin as your hands move up under my dress
Small kisses up my thighs, I feel your, wet
I shiver even as I heat up, soaking wet
A moan escapes my lips as you take a little bite of my inner thigh
As you reach my epicenter, you breathe my essence in
You fill me up with your breath making me gasp
I feel your tongue, first you run it over my outer lips
Up and down, passing lightly over my clit
You do it again, this time a little harder and I shudder
You part my lower lips with your fingers
Using your tongue on me harder causing my moans to get louder
The pleasure gets intense, pressure building higher
I start to move, body confused if it should run from it or embrace it fully
You hold me down, commanding me to keep still
Telling me to obey, reminding me that it is all yours
Holding my ass in place as you tongue fuck me
Your words, your actions pushes me even more
I bite my finger to stop myself screaming
My Body tenses up as I reach the edge
I hold your head closer to me, willing you to go on, to take me over
But you stop
I whimper needy, heavy with want
You pull your head back
Kiss my inner thigh
Tell me to remember you own the essence that is me
And you don't want your essence to find release.....