Monday, 22 July 2013

My Little People*

“Aunty, Aunty, Aunty”, I hear three excited voices chanting through the door.  I groan as I wake up, remembering where I am. I’m spending some days with my sister’s family. The chanting are her three very hyper kids, they couldn’t even wait for my alarm to go off. I can’t deal with all that just yet, I need coffee. You remember me and my small coffee problem right? Yes, I gave in to it, figuring one a day is not a bad thing. Is that what addicts say?

Anyway back to the kids, 2 nephews, one niece who I am meeting for the first time. She’s been in the family for a few months, but I’m only just meeting her due to time & the rules. She’s 3 years old and one of the most adorable kids ever, goes around calling everyone gorgeous in the cutest accent. So when she says, “Aunty I love you, let’s go jump”, it’s hard to resist. All I say is, “Ok baby, let Aunty have her coffee first” as I trudged to the kitchen and find the biggest mug while three little people run around me excitedly telling their mum, “Aunty is going to jump”. She looks at me with joy and pity, grateful for a few minutes reprieve I’m sure.

Coffee done and it’s time to jump. Up the trampoline we go. “Jump higher Aunty”, they scream. Now I have no issue with jumping, it is great fun but there are things that I’d rather only bounced during one certain activity, this is not it.
I beg for a break and they reluctantly agree. Summer in London has been good so I’m sweating already. “Good exercise”, sister says laughing at me. I side-eye her but secretly agree. 

“Aunty, Aunty come watch us ride. Aunty, Aunty come play hide and seek”
I love the little ones, I truly do but I can’t wait to go back home. Go and sit with some vodka and talk to some big people.
Luckily my big people are more than happy to oblige, also looking forward to some big people drinks tonight.

Oh, and that big decision? Kinda worked out alright :)!

*written for the 3six5 Nigeria project @

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