Monday, 29 July 2013

Don't Turn Around - Exhibition

"Don't turn around", the voice whispered softly in my ear. That's how it all begins.

I knew you were watching me, when I walked into the bar I felt your eyes on me.
Watching me flirt with the bartender as I ordered a drink, watched my lips close around the straw as I sucked the sweetness in.
I felt your eyes on me and I didn't turn around even then. I was going to do as you ordered. This was your game, your rules.

Your hands on my hips as you move comfortably behind me, I feel the heat of your body warming me.
I tense up when I feel your touch on my bare skin, where my top doesn't quite meet my skirt, humming in anticipation as you slowly trace your fingers over it.
You ask me to order you a drink, I obey your command the bartender non-the-wiser of the tactile communication between us, going on in front of him.

You kiss my neck lightly & my whole body responds to it, heating up like you've started a small fire, one that needs a little stoking to go ablaze. I feel the heat down my spine.
One hand remains on my hips, the other creeps under my skirt, slowing drawing figures on my thighs, causing me to close my eyes and lean back a little more into you. Higher and higher you go, until you reach your destination, my wet center, making me gasp unexpectedly, in pleasure just as the bartender sets your drink in front of me. You stroke harder, whispering instructions of quiet, causing me to shudder a little. I'm trying to control myself, knowing we're in a crowded bar. I want us to be here for a while, I want our game to last, as long as I don't turn around.
One finger stroking along my slit, slowly teasing, pausing and starting all over again. I hold the bar for support, mouth falling open a little, then biting lips trying to stop sound from escaping. Finger inside me, working it's way in and out, at a leisurely pace ignoring my need to speed up to release as I push back down.
Second finger inside, filling me, thumb rubbing that magic button. My hips move in time to your rhythm even though I try to control myself, stifle my movements but my body has a mind of it's own and it's focused on pleasure.

In and out you go, increasing your speed, then slowing down, playing with me, toying with my body, enjoying the access I've given. I feel the tension build; the pressure, the pleasure and with that I feel something else, a tingle of awareness. I look up in front of me and find a pair of eyes watching me. Eyes aware of what is happening, full of lust, dilated in arousal. Those eyes pushes me faster to the edge, the hands between my thighs taking me over, the feeling explosive, the release of hot liquid as orgasm hits. Open mouthed soundless scream, hands holding on for support the moment not quite expected so soon and still I look into those eyes as I go over. Eyes fixed, daring them to look away, challenging them to keep watching, keep enjoying me in my raw moment that moment that is just three of us.

Your fingers slow down, bringing me back slowly. I hear the noise in the crowded room again, see the forgotten drinks in front of us. Kisses on my neck that make my legs weak, you take my hand whispering, "Remember, don't turn around". I smile and I assure you I wouldn't, looking right in front of me, into those lust-filled eyes.......

Monday, 22 July 2013

My Little People*

“Aunty, Aunty, Aunty”, I hear three excited voices chanting through the door.  I groan as I wake up, remembering where I am. I’m spending some days with my sister’s family. The chanting are her three very hyper kids, they couldn’t even wait for my alarm to go off. I can’t deal with all that just yet, I need coffee. You remember me and my small coffee problem right? Yes, I gave in to it, figuring one a day is not a bad thing. Is that what addicts say?

Anyway back to the kids, 2 nephews, one niece who I am meeting for the first time. She’s been in the family for a few months, but I’m only just meeting her due to time & the rules. She’s 3 years old and one of the most adorable kids ever, goes around calling everyone gorgeous in the cutest accent. So when she says, “Aunty I love you, let’s go jump”, it’s hard to resist. All I say is, “Ok baby, let Aunty have her coffee first” as I trudged to the kitchen and find the biggest mug while three little people run around me excitedly telling their mum, “Aunty is going to jump”. She looks at me with joy and pity, grateful for a few minutes reprieve I’m sure.

Coffee done and it’s time to jump. Up the trampoline we go. “Jump higher Aunty”, they scream. Now I have no issue with jumping, it is great fun but there are things that I’d rather only bounced during one certain activity, this is not it.
I beg for a break and they reluctantly agree. Summer in London has been good so I’m sweating already. “Good exercise”, sister says laughing at me. I side-eye her but secretly agree. 

“Aunty, Aunty come watch us ride. Aunty, Aunty come play hide and seek”
I love the little ones, I truly do but I can’t wait to go back home. Go and sit with some vodka and talk to some big people.
Luckily my big people are more than happy to oblige, also looking forward to some big people drinks tonight.

Oh, and that big decision? Kinda worked out alright :)!

*written for the 3six5 Nigeria project @

Saturday, 6 July 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 26-30

I dropped the ball with updates on the challenge. Yes the final week was tough, between illness & the onoin issue with my foot, my concentration was shot to hell.

'Day 26 - 30 of 30: I'm going to be sticking to 300 jumping jacks from here on out. Once I get into it, the pain isn't such a problem but I can't shake the feeling that something isn't right with the foot, plus foot no 2 has started giving me some bad vibes now.

I stick to the my usual plan of adding 10 to all the sets (see pic), although on day 30 I leave it at 200 crunches, 200 is a very good number. Day 27 leg raises were just awful (well they've all been very challenging but Day 27 was particularly difficult & on Day 29 I just wanted it to end.  I held a 140secs plank on Day 30!!! Can you believe I can plank for 2minutes and 20 seconds. This I am soo damn proud off (discovered my record from the group exercises has been 2min 30secs, even better).'

The challenge is over!!! I should have done 1,610 sit ups, 2115 crunches, 904 leg raises, 1,397 seconds (23.2 minutes) of plank. I know I've done more than that.
The jumping jacks challenge was set for 6,000. I exceeded that so I set a personal challenge of 9,000....unfortunately I did not get that & only did 7,500. A little disappointed but still kinda proud of the fact I did something I never would have thought of before.
I even did 20 full push ups...yeeeaaah baby!!
The feeling of finishing & finishing well is amazing. I smile at the days I really didn't want to get out of ed to do it, I smile at the days that all I could think was making time to reached the days quota & I even smile at this rather difficult week I was able to get though. Proud of the little thing as well as the big.

So moment of truth, do I see a difference in my body. Honestly no I don't see it (though I have been told by
others that there is). What I do know for sure is that my core is much stronger & I'm feeling much fitter & for that I am very happy. The challenges were more about pushing myself more than anything is & so I plan to keep it up. I am already looking at other physical challenges (there's a squat one now & I'm looking for a nice gentle push up one) which I will keep updating on.

So thank you very much for definitely kept me going. Thanks for the feedback, please keep them coming including any other ideas!!xxx

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