Wednesday, 5 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 5

Waking up was easy, I had some soap opera/Sunset Beach type dream that ended on a cliff-hanger before my alarm went off so I was already up. Getting out of bed was a little hard though. First thing was laughter after dream, next thing was groaning in pain. Was a little worried about my right hip so said a silent prayer that it be ok (back story: a few years ago I was seriously into the exercise thing and then had a mystery injury on my right hip, woke up one morning to no movement without excruciating pain. It took a little while to recover, apparently years of not walking properly, my shoe scruff confirms this, and all the exercise aggravated it. All good now but there is a certain fear that lingers).

'Day 5 of 30 ABs Challenge: Did some extra stretching today beforehand, some old folks were in my usual area, I gave them the side eye, I don't like these kind of changes to my routine. Jogging started off a little stiff.  I knew it'll be a tough one after Day 4 but rather proud of myself as at no point did it occur to me to stop, a couple of more brisk walks were added on though. I've noticed that the shin thing gets bad at certain in the jog...I'm not sure if it's to do with length of time but I'm leaning towards the fact that there's a certain part of the park that becomes very uneven. I think the unevenness causes problems. I actually push through this time not letting it stop me (yay!!) but by the end it was actually screaming at me...I did finish though. Realised hip was fine by the end of jog so smiles all round

On to 300 jumping jacks; according to the challenge, well my calculation (I'm a maths buff didn't you know), I need to do 200 per day but I've decided to stick to 300 as much as possible. First 50 were beautiful, all done no pause, next 50 a little harder but still ok. Then the 50 to take me to 150,urrrmmm...that became a little bit tough...I managed it though while keeping an eye out on a dog that was trying to play near me. It's a little one, I think I can take it if it tries to attack (have I mentioned I'm af...skeptical of these things?). That actually keeps me going, I figure it'll only be encouraged to come even closer if it comes near me. I think the dog owner knows I have ill feelings towards it's pet cos she picks it up while giving me the evil eye. Back to jumping jacks, by 200 I was rethinking my life's philosophy and why I'm foolish to want to do 300, this leads me on to wondering exactly what my life's philosophy is other than 'cake was created for happiness' (did I mention I can be easily distracted). At 250, I needed at least a minute break but I managed the last 50, hate to admit it but it wasn't easy.

On to the abs challenge. The first couple of sit-ups felt very good. I got very happy and started thinking "oh, it's not so bad, I can add 10 easily", feeling rather pleased with myself. By 20, I decided I really should stop thinking foolish things and adding numbers to this challenge. By the time it came to 30, I really wanted to stop...but I'm a woman of my word (as much as possible)...even if it's just a word with myself. 
The rest were not so bad...leg raises were a little harder...I actually paused after 20 when I had only 2 left. Planks are now up to 40secs, hooray for me!!! All in all progress is being made (I think, I hope)

I wasn't in a bad a state as I thought I would be after yesterday. Day 5 down, see you tomorrow!xx'

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