Sunday, 2 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 2

This is day 2, getting out of bed a little tough...late night drinking wine does that to a person.

Day 2 of 30 AB Challenge: As usual I decided to do cardio before the abs challenge (well not really  as usual, it's only day 2). I saw a jumping jacks challenge* (I think the word 'challenge' excites me...only explanation for this madness), 6,000 jumping jacks in 30 days. I figured because of this, I'll only go round the park once, jumping jacks, then abs challenges. My old man  (see how I've claimed him) is not there today and the place is full of dog walkers, I've made a mental note to do this earlier in the day, I'm skeptical about these creatures. Today is better than yesterday,  less rest, no weird stitch, but my shins hate it even more than they did yesterday...I think it's a stretching thing. A woman running in front of me gives me the giggles, then the thought that I may look like than while jogging makes me stop laughing. I see a man with his little daughter jogging together, an 'aww' moment. Yes, my kids will suf...enjoy exercise with me when the time comes.

On to the jumping jacks challenge....should be 200 a day but as I've missed yesterday, it'll be 300 per day for the first 2 days. I have a moment of thinking it should be 300 per day for 30days in line with the 'thirtyafterthirty' theme, then I decide that was the devil (thought) briefly trying to kill me. First 50 are fine, by 100 I'm wondering if I can do 200 easily, at 180 I'm thinking if I should just stop at 200, trying to calculate if indeed I need to do all this to complete the challenge at the end of the month (& forget the last 100). By 250 I get second wind, at 280 I wondered where the second wind went. I did 300, feeling rather proud of myself.

Now the actual abs challenge: the sit ups seem harder today than yesterday, needed a bit of padding for tail bone, I did not go over the 20 in the challenge, the crunches also seem a little harder but I do more than stated, same with the leg raises and plank (I'm going over 30secs with it). I do them as much as still feels good to me, to be honest as long as I don't do less than is stated & my form remains good, I'm not really counting.

Day 2 of 30 done...please forgive the long posts/rants!! See you tomorrow!xx

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*Jumping Jacks challenge with Eights And Weights @eightsnweights

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