Thursday, 6 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 6

Woke up in actual pain, literally rolled out of bed this morning. I think if it wasn't for the challenge aspect and the fact I am blogging about it, today may have been the day I decide to linger in bed and have a couple of days off, which might turn into a week, which might turn into 2, then a month....basically I have a pattern. Anyway, I'm in pain feel sorry for me!!

'Day 6 of 30 ABs Challenge: Did some extra stretching and warm up to get loose, very much needed. Jog started off a little slow which I expected, threw in a couple of 30secs - 1min brisks walks especially when my shins started doing their thing. The last few yards was some odd limping, jogging thing tat had me laughing to myself.

Jumping jacks were a little harder, by 150 I was contemplating doing only 200 but I'm kind of use to saying 300 jumping jacks per day so I pushed through...the jumps from 200 - 250 felt like torture, but last 50 were surprisingly ok...probably the extra burst of energy to the finish.

"Oh, abs challenge is going very well" is my thought when I start on the and....that thought only lasted up to 20 because they felt easier...after that was a little bit of a struggle. I'm still adding 10 to everything (I'm starting to rethink this). Was not entirely pleased with my form on the crunches, I think the soreness got to me there, leg raises were not bad. 45 seconds with plank was a little hard...not sure how I will do over 1min that's coming up next week but I'll let future Yve figure that one out!

Day 6 down, the thought occurred to me I have 24 more days of this, how exactly will I manage :'( !! See you tomorrow though!xx'

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