Friday, 21 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 21

After much faffing about, I got down to business in the evening. My foot may be a problem (I see a bruise too) but I tested it out a little so I can do something & see how it goes. And after rest day yesterday I definitely want to do something.

'Day 21 of 30 ABs Challenge: Did some test jumps to see how my foot will fair. All seems fine so I get right into it after some stretching. Today exercise was indoors; pros - I'm focused & get them out of the way quicker then when I'm out at the park with small distractions,cons - I'm indoors, no interesting observation other than wondering why the ceiling fan has a chain & what will happen if I yank on it.
400 jumping jacks, nicely done, last 100 were difficult, was very careful of the landing because of my foot. I think I will try to do 400 from here on out.

On to the abs challenge

100 sit ups (not so bad, really start hurts at about 50)
140 crunches (today I did not hate them as much, I even added some 3kg weights to the last 20! I might       keep that up) 
60 leg raises (yeah...I hate these)
75secs planks (*sigh* planks today was traumatic. I should have done 90secs but by 75 I could do more. Had a 1min rest & tried again but only lasted 65 secs second time. Could be the bad foot, but then foot 1 started to cramp too...all in all not the best time)

I was a little disappointed but as I limped off the mat, I was pleased I didn't try to push it too much. Tomorrow is another day right :). It was not a bad work out at all. I actually can't believe we are not on day 21....only 9 days to go from here & I'm surprised & kinda shocked I stuck to it. Goes to sure, you never really know till you put your mind to it. My bruised foot & I will see you tomorrow!xx'

Get involved, lets suf.....enjoy together

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