Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Corseted Curve

Wrap me up in silk and leather
Wrap me slowly as we breathe together
Listen to me gasp in pleasure
Like I found some hidden treasure
While you lace me up real tight
Drinking me up with your sight
Tugging at the tight restraints
Kissing so hard I start to faint
Looking like you need to take a sip
Straight from down my nether lips
I look in the mirror, to see what you see
Looking at a different version of me
The rising and falling
Heaving and sighing
Voluptuous bosoms over-spilling
Over abundant gift so thrilling
Cinched in waist with just the right dip
A handful for a proper grip
Captured curves of rounded hips
The dangle of suspender clips
I watch you try to quench your desire
Just as I preen for you to admire
Imagination fly and minds untie
Mutual understanding greeted with a sigh
Let me be your Venus in curves
Be the price only you deserve

Friday, 6 July 2012

Dangerous Fascinations And Unhealthy Fixations

One of my favourites (edited):

We all want things that we know are bad for us. Everyone has dangerous fascinations and unhealthy fixations. Some of them are a little harder to explain than others, but most of us know how to keep our impulses in check, we use willpower to fight off our darker instincts. Unfortunately, for others willpower just isn't enough. The siren call of one's own obsessions is simply too strong to resist. The thing we used to want becomes a thing we now need. Our obsession becomes our compulsion. Until we realise, pursuing the one thing we want most in life has left us without much of a life at all. But in the end, the compulsions are still there taking us to ecstasy or pushing us over the edge to the brink of death.


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fantasy Unfulfilled

Eyes meet across a crowded room
Curiosity piqued, questions asked without words
Compulsion to touch and be touched unrealised
Secret smiles exchanged, needs recognised
Moving closer still, just enough to feel the breath on skin
Not so much that it is noticed by those unaffected
Lips move speaking one thing, eyes saying another
Only the eyes speak the truth
The truth of fantasies waiting to be fulfilled

Fantasies of soft skin against hard surfaces
Of warm hands exploring  hot bodies
Fantasies of arched backs and bended knees
Of being unmasked and boundaries crossed
Where the only restraints are ties that bind with pleasure
Chaffed wrists, nails scratches, bruised lips
Of begging with unintelligible screams
Fantasies of coming together skin slick with sweat

Tenuous link temporarily broken
Attention is called back to the crowded room
When they meet again lips and eyes are in sync
Speaking the same language, saying the same words
Words of goodbye in parting, speaking of promises to come
When satisfaction will replace curiosity
When desires will be brought to life