Saturday, 22 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 22

The foot is definitely a problem, a little swollen and I'm walking with a limp. Plus I tried on a pair of heels that are suppose to be for tonight's festivities and it was uncomfortable. My feet hate my life :'(. Anyway after the dramatics it's down to business.

'Day 22 of 30 ABs Challenge: Some stretches then test jumps to see how my foot fairs. Still a problem, with a little pain but I figured if I landed well & lightly I can get away with it. 400 jumping jacks....I'm quite proud of myself with this one. I definitely feel the last 100 on my thighs and calves but not so much that I can't add another 100 to it. I am seriously contemplating 500 a day for the final week. Whether or not that a good idea, I will find out tomorrow. I'm thinking my foot may be a hindrance.

On to the abs challenge

100 sit ups (not bad at all!!)
140 crunches (still don't like them but I'm finding them...acceptable today)
60 leg raises (I'm still wondering when I stopped liking these...cos I don't)
75secs plank (this is still a problem, I tried to push through but found it quite difficult to be on the foot & one leg was just not a good option)

Other than the small disappointment with the plank, I'm happy about the workout and how far I've come since day one, can't believe it's just one week to go. I haven't seen abs of steel yet though...but I bet it's coming :). See you tomorrow I am determined to deal with this foot & plank situation & tomorrow I'll have time for it!!xx'

Get involved, lets suf.....enjoy together

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