Monday, 10 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 10

I am currently writing this with sore muscles & a smile on my face. Today has been a good day!

'Day 10 of 30 ABs Challenge: Didn't do any jogging today, time constraint and slightly tender ankle meant I just did some stretches & right into 300 jumping jacks. I keep saying I'll add more to this but today wasn't the day to try. Some ice on this ankle should help a little.

This abs challenge calendar is sly...I didn't actually notice till I was about to do it that the crunches increased by 20. 20 whole crunches when before they've just been adding 3, 5 & 10....tricksters!! Anyway to combat my shock, I decided not add 10. I'll get back to that tomorrow (I think). Form is better, planks are up to a minute...not so bad. Core may be getting stronger, so yay!!

Sooo.....this evening was another session at Hyde park. It was pretty painful & amazing!! Even though I know the instructor was taking it a little easy on us on some level...there were still some drill sergeant moment. I keep thinking the jogging is improving some things but bloody hell, do I need to step up. Next session is Wednesday, keep an eye out on for details & come join us, you know you want to ;)

All in all a pretty good day 10 (I had coffee so mood miles better than yesterday). See you tomorrow!xx'

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