Thursday, 20 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 18

Had a ridiculously crazy day & had to play catch up...was absolutely exhausted, last night's work out was a killer too!! Contemplated just forgetting the day & not having a rest day this week but decided against it.

'Day 18 of 30 ABs Challenge: So I've found myself jumping up & down in my living room listening to N.E.R.D's Lapdance at 2am about to do this abs workout :o! Even while I was about to do it, I still couldn't believe it. No jumping jacks today...I think knowing the exact quantity I've done has made me a little lax. I will be getting back into it though. 

80 sit ups
110 crunches
50 leg raises
120secs plank

Not too much variation from the workout but at 2am I'm just proud of myself for doing it. At least now it'll stop being in my thoughts& I'll sleep in peace!xx'

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