Tuesday, 18 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 14&15

I've been a little lax with the write ups...but I have been doing them, I promise. Just that life seems to always gets in the way whenever I sit to type. 'Twas a busy but enjoyable weekend ;). Something happened to my second ankle Friday night, I'm very certain I didn't drink much (well not what I consider much) & yet there's an unexplained reason ankle 2 was in pain.

'Day 14 of 30 ABs Challenge: Waking up today was a challenge, how I went from being very excited yesterday to being completely demotivated & just want to eat cake in bed, I'm not quite sure but that's what has happened. The call of the challenge is loud though so I pick myself up and go for it. Decided to exercise indoors. 300 jumping jacks feel easier than usual but I'm guessing I don't have the wind to fight against plus today I'm just getting on with things with no complaints. 

75 sit ups (this gets hard after 20 everytime!)
90 crunches (I don't like crunches....that is all)
50 leg raises (ugh....these use to be my favourite, now not so much)
65sec plank (I stop looking at the timer now. I send texts & other things while in position...I need distractions now to hold it)

Very pleased to have done it because I really wasn't in the mood for it, but I suppose that's the point of a challenge.

Day 15 of 30 ABs Challenge: Erm, yes the mystery ankle injury...it was confirmed (by others) that I didn't drink much so I put it down to a small problem that should go away soon. I decided to give jumping jacks a miss today. I did one and the landing was a little painful & too awkward because I'm not comfortable on it. I intend on being in heels tonight too so wouldn't want to jeopardize that (you see where my priorities lie). I'll have to make up the missed jumping jacks in next week's sessions...this is one of the reasons I loath to miss any, cos I know I'll make it up somehow.
Did some stretches and straight into the abs challenge. It does not feel as good without any type of exercise beforehand, a little more stiff. I'll try to so a little something from here on out.

80 sit ups (I had a brief thought to push it to 100...quickly neglected that)
90 crunches (have I mentioned I don't like this)
50 leg raises (...or this)
65sec plank (how today's felt harder than yesterday I do not know...but it did God help me!)

I have to say I'm not always motivated for this (as can probably be read some days) but I think the fact that I truly am looking at this like a challenge and writing about  it helps push me forward. I hope anyone reading is getting a little something from it (or feeling sorry for me). Half way through....15 more days to go *sigh*. I looked at the exercises on day 30 & I've been giving the calendar the 'side eye' since. Slowly but surely I suppose. Tomorrow is rest day, so I'll see you day 17!xx'

Get involved, lets suf.....enjoy together

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