Tuesday, 11 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 11

Sooo tired this morning, I think I lingered in bed for an extra 30mins gearing myself up for today's challenge. Have I mentioned before that id this wasn't a challenge and I was logging about it I'll do a little less, cos today is one of those days for extra bit of sleep!

'Day 11 of 30 ABs Challenge: Ankle was a little sore so no jogging (trying not to make it a habit though, I was a little too happy about it today). Good stretch then 300 jumping jacks, nice & straight forward bar all the school kids that came out to the park for some reason (why did they let them out?).

Abs challenge still going well. I'm still cussing about the steep increase with the crunches & there was another 15 added today. I have now checked out the whole calendar to make sure I am not surprised again. So it has definitely become more challenging but not too bad. I added 5 to everything. I minute plank today was harder than yesterday.

All getting better, tomorrow is rest day (I checked) for abs challenge but there's still jumping jacks challenge to do. Come join us at Hyde park by 7pm for more fun challenges to be had!!See you tomorrows!xx'

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