Friday, 24 August 2012


You make me miss things I'd rather not miss
Miss the sense of belonging
Miss long nights of just being held
Miss conversations of everything and nothing 

You make me feel things I'd rather not feel
Feel like all is right with our world
Feel like I don't have to be so strong all the time
Feel like I can let go a little

You make me do things I'd rather not do
Think of you, thoughts that should be forbidden
Stay with you when I shouldn't be there
Call you just to hear your voice

You make me want things I can't have
You make me want you

Monday, 6 August 2012

Dancer's Voyeur

Every beat of the drums is felt in her heart

The strumming of the guitar strings pulls at her very being

The rich, warm, complex sounds of the saxophone flows through her

The music surrounding, embracing pulling her deeper into a trance

The music promising to make you forget everything else but the moment and her

Her eyes close, lost in the rhythm surrendering to the rising crescendo

The heart, body and soul dancing to the sensual rhythmic beat in sync

The sway of hips moving slowly as the drums slowed, undulating as it speeds up

Sweat glistening on skin, head thrown back in pure abandon letting passion show

Her body pulses messages the watchers are only too happy to receive

The music slows but she doesn’t stop, her message now subtle but still understood  

Eyes open at the end of the song, now aware of those affected by her movements

Sadness the moment is over, excitement for what next to come

Who received the message and who will respond

The voyeur's role over, participation now welcome