Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Masochistic Inclinations*

I crave the feel of your teeth on my nipple as they sink into my tender flesh

I long to gag as you hold my mouth open thrusting your hips savagely into it

I can feel the sting of your hand against my breast as you grope my tender flesh

I spread my legs anticipating you spanking my sex until my orgasm holds me over the edge of the highest of cliffs

I do as I am told because only then, when I am good, am I allowed the pleasure of an orgasm

*Steven J. Cavenaugh knows

Friday, 6 May 2016

*The Middle......

There was no way I could tell him what was on my mind. Yes he’d just taken me on a ride to some amazing orgasms but he was still a stranger.  I intended to stick with the plan; no-hold barred fun till we exhausted each other and then some sweet goodbyes.  With that in mind, I figured it was time to move to more comfortable surroundings. I stood and made my way to the bedroom; turning back I crooked my finger at him, “Come with me” I said as I kept going, expecting him to follow.
I sat on the bed legs akimbo as I held my breath, hopeful he joined me. A moment later he stood at the doorway.

“So you’re really not going to tell me the second thing?” he asked

“Why tell you when I can show you?” I asked, mind full of mischief, hoping he was still game to play.

I pulled him from the doorway and on to the bed, kissing his body as I crawled over him so he lay down.

“You’re going to have to trust me a little” I said in between kisses.

He smiled that smile of his and said, “As long as you keep doing what you’re doing. I'm up for it”.

I got out of the bed and went to the dresser where I took out a number of scarves; returning to the bed I tied a scarf around each of his wrists and then tied the other ends securely to the headboard, making sure they were secure. I did the same with his ankles, securing them to the foot of the bed all the time feeling his eyes on me. Once I was satisfied he couldn't get out of it, I stood back and surveyed my work. Studying his thick dick which lay across the top of a thigh and the body that had given me so much pleasure, it was hard not to crawl to him and take him in my mouth but I wanted to savour the moment.

I approached the bed slowly, taking care not to touch the most sensitive parts of his body. My tongue moved slowly along his naked shoulder towards his neck and placed kisses along his cheek and jaw line until our lips met for a moment. I teased him by holding back slightly and he arched forward moving his hips up against me, exercising the only control he had. I gasped and then grabbed his head and pulled his head back firmly.

"No." I said teasingly as I reached down between their bodies and teased the tip of his penis as it lay along my slit, pushed upwards as I ground down onto it. I could feel him becoming slippery and he kept trying to slide his hips down enough to get inside me but I lifted myself away at the last moment each time.

I leaned in close and pressed my breasts against his shoulders as I kissed his ears. I used my teeth to nip at the earlobes and let my hands roam all the way down to his dick. My stroking seemed almost too much for him and he moaned out; turning his head, he buried his face into my neck. He bit into my neck, causing me to cry out and stroke him even harder; my hands moved in long strokes along the shaft, up and down, moving towards the head.

Deciding his dick needed a little more lubrication, I licked up the one side while stroking the top with my palm. My mouth then moved over the head and took almost half of him into my mouth. I held him around the base and then began to move my mouth wetly up and down, my tongue moving around the shaft. He tasted very good but I did not want to finish with him in my mouth. Regretfully I released him and he gave out a sigh of disappointment.
"Don't worry, I’m not done with you yet” I whispered into his ear.

I straddled him again, facing him. I rubbed the head against myself, up and down. Moving back and forth I slowly eased him in and out, just the tip entering me. My own juices were flowing and I was having trouble stopping myself from just driving down and taking him deep. I leaned forward and kissed him then, with just the tip inside of me. His tongue was moving against mine and our kiss became hungrier I moved deeper onto his erection until finally I could feel his hair against the sensitive lower lips. Placing my hands around his neck and looking directly at him I begin to fuck him with slow thrusts. I could feel him sliding in and out and it was a delicious feeling more exciting because he couldn't do anything but accept it.

Leaning back slightly I kept one hand on his neck for balance and slid the other between us, stroking my clit lightly. Closing my eyes I rode him hard driving down as deep as I could; he was thrusting up as best he could to meet me…it was heaven.  
I leaned forward again putting my face into the crook of his neck, panting. I continued to stroke my clit as he tried thrusting harder and harder into me. I felt my orgasm rising as he pushed up against me until finally I fell over the edge, biting down into his neck and whimpering. The waves of my orgasm pulsed through me as I ground myself down onto his hardness each thrust giving me a sharp explosion of pleasure.

I collapsed onto him, shivering slightly panting, trying to catch my breath.
After a moment, I came back to myself and slid my hands up his arm to where they were bound against the headboard and lingered.

“Do you want to be let loose?” I asked

*because you caught me in the middle of something...well, someone ;)