Saturday, 1 June 2013

30 Day ABs Challenge: Day 1

So taking a break from the angst, the emotions, the teasing and the sex (apologies but I'll do something real soon). I'm bring something a little different I'm involved in. My gorgeous friend over at is doing a whole series of challenges, some crazy, some hard work, all fun. I will be involved with some of them and will be posting what I do here. Below is my entry on the facebook page ( for Day 1 of the ab challenge (see pic):

'So I decided to do the abs challenge with the gorgeous one over at and I also saw it as a way to get back into the fitness thing after time off (injury then laziness). As I've flirted with exercise I figured just abs isn't enough so I decided to do some cardio 1st.

Commence jog around the park. I've decided it's bigger than a football field. I don't know the actual dimensions of a football field but it looks bigger than what I see 22 (or more) men running around in. Started off well...then went shins hated it, I got a very weird stitch/cramp below my stomach, to the side of my pelvis (can you guess where yet?) but there was a lovely old man who cheered me on (I hope he's there tomorrow, I think I'll need him). Cardio done, on to the challenge...I did more than stated...not on purpose, but I was counting without paying much attention to the felt good to get back to it.

Bloody hell, this tuned into a long post when all I really want to say was I'm on 1 down, bring on the 29!!!! See you tomorrow!xx 

Get involved, lets suf.....enjoy together
Check things out at and

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