Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Last Time

There was no gentleness with it
No falling into warm embraces
Lips were not touching in sweet caress

We did not reminisce on shared moments
On when our bodies fused together as one
Our bodies slick with sweat, cool air on hot skin

It was a quick-paced dance with the perfect partner
Longing causing clothing to evaporate
There was no temptation, no tease, no seduction

Sensual movements, quick thrusts
Limbs entwined, hard unforgiving kisses
Intense grunts, succumbing to the dark

Words were left outspoken
Thoughts and secrets kept locked
No drawn out words of love and goodbyes

There were bruises only to be felt in that moment
To be seen but not understood
Made in the heat of passion, tattooing the hurt

It was rough, it was pain, it was release
It was the last time