Sunday, 12 January 2014

30 Day Plank & Squat/Lunge Challenge: Day 10 & 11

I'll try not to make sipping days a habit but sometimes life gets in the way. Yesterday it was my first ever ice hockey game....kinda cool. There were a few scuffles but no fights, I'm not embarrassed to say I was a little disappointed by that. I expected it to be like the American movies & tv know a bit of extra excitement dagnamit!! Anyway missed posting yesterday so I'll do day 10 and 11 in one post.

Day 10: I decided to level up today. It's 5 days earlier than the original plan but I figured why not; it's a Saturday and if I need extra recovery I have time for it.

So level 3 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. was difficult. The cardio had a lot of resistance stuff mixed in; doing shadow boxing, butt kicks, jumping jacks with weights is....something (my dumbbells are only 3kgs right now but still...). All in all I was very pleased with myself.
Squat and lunge challenge all good, lunges were a tad harder after 25 but could be cos there are quite a few lunges in the JM workout. Plank was all good but 1min 10secs could not come quick enough...Lord help me when I get to the 2 minute week.
By the end of the workout I'd had 1 litre of water so I thought the second will be a breeze. Urrmm...that was not the case (I blame the lucozade I had at the game *shifty eye*) so by the end of day 10 I'd only consumed about 1.5ltr (including my standard hot water/lemon/pepper mix)

Day 11: For some reason my body was a tad tighter today than yesterday but I'm sticking to level 3 of the JM workouts for as long as I can.  My shoulders were indeed burning; the combination of travelling push-ups an walking planks straight after..kai! It is something. I do prefer this level (yeah, this may be where my masochism comes through ;) )....could be cos I feel like I'm pushing myself or because I really do like the resistance/strength stuff which level 3 has more of (although I prefer the ab work of level 2).
Squats and lunges challenge went quite well. I find lunges more challenging that squats so I tend to do them first. Today's challenge had 40 lunges, I did them in batches of 20 (20 lunges on one leg then swap to other leg and swap back for another 20)
Plank challenge was interesting (read: I misread the thing). Tomorrow's time is 1.5mins, I read that as 1min 50secs so today I decided to prepare myself by doing 1min 40secs!! Unfortunately I didn't do the full time, at 1min 22 secs I wondered why time was moving so bloody slow. Ended at 1min 22secs...I was a little sad I couldn't last another 7 seconds (nah, not really). All in all, a good workout was had.
At some point I'm going to do a food challenge but I'd rather not have too many at once which could cause me to lose focus (plus I need to prepare myself for than one...having restrictions on foods is an emotional thing! The opposite of my live and let live attitude to enjoyment!lol)
As of writing this I've had 1.5ltrs of water...will definitely try and get the 2 done by bedtime.

See you tomorrow!xx

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