Friday, 10 January 2014

30 Day Plank & Squat/Lunge Challenge: Day 7, 8 & 9

I didn't realize my last post was day 6. How time flies! I was in a foul mood day 7 so that may be why I didn't update & day 8 was just a busy one. I updated in the Facebook group  (which is essentially my check-in) so I'll put the 3 days in one post.

Day 7:  Today was a little difficult. My head was not in it & my body was following suit. My first thought was that I need to change things up, the monotony is getting to me and the thought of exercise does not appeal even a little. My next thought as I tried to get off the bed was what exactly is going on from my legs to ankles. My calves felt so tight and ankles a little tender. I test things out with a couple of jumps, not so good which led me to the (much needed) change.
I decide on a Jillian Michael's yoga workout. It's called Yoga Meltdown and it is a little more dynamic that the traditional yoga practice. I remember doing it sometime ago and sweating's a tough one. It definitely showed me I need to do a lot more stretching with the workouts, my body feels better already. And it helped with the squats and lunges...plank also went without incident.
Succeeded in drinking 2 litres of water

Day 8: Back to 30 Day Shred today. The change up was definitely a good idea. I felt better today.made all the difference. Watching the ankle a little but it's not too much high impact cardio & I tried to land softly on some exercise. Squat & lunges all good and I added an extra 10secs to the plank challenge.
Had 2ltrs of water but I think I should have had more due to alcohol consumption.... *whispers* I may have had a whole bottle of wine :)

Day 9: While I wouldn't go as far as saying I was excited to begin exercise, I will say I wasn't dreading it (unlike day 7). I have committed (read: resigned) to do this so I've told myself to stop whinging (in my head) & just get on with it.
Started off a little slow today but I think its the combo of alcohol last night and not enough sleep. I had 0.5ltr of water before I even attempted to do anything, and couple with my lemon and pepper tea it's helped quite a bit.
30 Day Shred was not bad. I feel stronger on quite a number of exercise sets. Lunges were not easy ans squats were quite alright. 1min 5secs of plank....not ad at all. I'll tell you of my tears when we get to the 2 minutes mark :)
As of writing this I've had 1.5ltrs of water....all in all, I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself all round today. could be that Friday feeling too. See you tomorrow!xx

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