Sunday, 5 January 2014

30 Day Plank & Squat/Lunge Challenge: Day 4

I procrastinated and wanted a rest day for no reason other than a very late night/morning leaning to a late morning/afternoon. Hot water with lemon and a dash of pepper is a great perk up drink, I've discovered!!

The Jillian Michaels work out went well, I have more balance on some things and muscles seem to be more comfortable in others. something in my knee seemed to 'crack' and give way in the squat thrusts which made me wary but I just switched to mountain climbers instead (spent a little more time stretching).
Breezed through squats with the help of NERD's Lapdance Did not breeze through the lunges quite as easily and I was a little more conscious of my knee at this point. I decided not to stop though, followed the Jillian Michaels mantra of "you can make it easier....just do not stop"!!

As of writing this I just downed the last 0.5ltr of water to make sure I'm done by bed time :)

So same time tomorrow? Well...maybe not same time but you know what I mean!xx

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