Friday, 3 January 2014

30 Day Plank & Squat/Lunge Challenge: Day 2

This morning I woke up in a bad mood, coupled up with a phone call I'd rather have avoided I was not in the mood to exercise at all. Infact I actually wanted a cup of coffee, some cake and my duvet which would have made my day but alas I had none of that (bar duvet) at home and the rain stopped me. So I wallowed in my misery a little which further annoyed me as I like to think I'm not the wallowing sort *cough, cough*. Problem was I kept thinking about the fact that I would not have written anything and it's only bloody day 2. How can I be demotivated on the second day? Ridiculous. It took me thinking about the potential lack of update and the fact that it'll just keep bugging me the whole day when there is not actual reason not to do it other than my own mental state. So off my ass I got!

Didn't stretch yesterday so was a little stiff but got into the swing of it halfway through. I expected it to be easier today than wasn't (though I was less winded thank goodness).
I added an extra 10 seconds to the plank challenge, that wasn't as much of a breeze as I would have liked. Squats & lunges were all as expected, I just made a mental note to not stop halfway through the squats. I keep looking at the numbers for upcoming weeks *shudders*
As of writing this I have drank 1.5ltrs of water....that final 0.5 seems to be a bit of a problem but I shall conquer!!

Oh, I couldn't really get away with my 30 day blogging challenge being me blogging about my exercise challenges so err...I have to revisit that one :)!!

See you tomorrow!

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