Sunday, 24 June 2012

Random Things about Me

I wrote this about 3 years ago....they mostly still apply so I figured it's a good way to introduce myself.

1. I am African, specifically Nigerian and proud

2. I am not a fan of exercise but i love boxing (doing, not watching)

3. I can only sit through a whole movie at the cinema, at home my attention span doesn't last more than 30mins.....1hr tops

4. I'd rather go visit people than have them come visit me

5. I believe my mother to be the coolest woman alive......close 2nds are all 5 of my sisters

6. I have absolutely no fear of getting older

7. I can't speak my native language, some days I wish I did but it is what it is

8. I would like to blog but not sure I would like people to know me that much (well that's no longer the case I think....testing the waters)

9. No matter how much I am prepared for change, I still hate it.

10. I have the best taste in desserts.

11. My heart has been broken twice....when i was 16 and the second time was my own fault (no questions, please :-)!!)

12. One of best advices from my naked in front of a mirror.....try it....hilarious!!!

13. I once played chess on my laptop for 10hrs straight & didn't win once....only came close 4 tyms

14. Give me a good book & am happy for days

15. I may be addicted to gorgeous high heeled shoes.....the jury's still out on that

16. I enjoy drinking (alcohol)....but not to the extent some people think

17. The people closest to me think I hide my feelings too much....I call it maintaining the mystique....either way, they get hurt by it sometimes

18. I am more ambitious/competitive than I like to let on

19. I hate mayonaise

20. I am a bit of a's the little things that count.

21. I love most music. give me some old soul vibe & am in heaven

22. I really want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, might need to learn how to drive first, though

23. It has taken me 5 months to finally get a cooker & I still havn't had it installed, yes the various take-aways in my area know me very well (well it was installed and I moved out of the property almost 2 years ago)

24. I enjoy solitude as much as I enjoy socialising

25. I seem to be a whole bunch of contradictions....that comes across to others in so many different ways but really am just me

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  1. Hmn, we have some things in common. I am also a bundle of contradictions and I love it :D