Thursday, 28 June 2012

Be Honest

What if for just one day you could say what you are really thinking? What you really want? What if somebody gave you permission to be honest, even just for a second?

Would you tell your boss you find new ways to cause them grievious bodily harm everyday to get through?

Would you open up and admit your fear you might not be as good as you believe?

Would you tell your parents being grown-up can be hard sometimes and you have days of wanting to be a child again?

Would you tell your friends you are tired of being strong sometimes?

Would you tell your childhood friend that the reason you have been avoiding their phone call is because you no longer have enough in common?

Would you tell the girl at the bar she's really not as hot as she thinks and you're only chatting her up because you couldn't get any joy from your first choice?

Would you tell the guy at the bar champagne is overrated, just fizzy white wine for unnecessary show offs & leaves you completely unimpressed?

Would you tell your friend he/she is making a big mistake marying her/him?

Would you tell your ex-lover that despite all that has happened you want them back?

Would you tell your current lover of those deep, dark thoughts swirling around in your head that you want him/her to try?

Would you tell your FWB that you now want more than the occasional late night phone call?

Would you tell that elusive one that when you think of them you see hot wax & cool silk sheets?

So think about it for a minute, if you have the permission.....would you honest?

1 comment:

  1. But are we even honest with ourselves when we think or do we suppress that which we deem unacceptable?