Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Way We Like

We fall asleep, you on your back, my head on your chest listening to your heart beat.  My leg draped over yours......the way you like so much

We wake up, both on our sides, my back to your front, your arm around me.....the way I like so much

You stir behind me, getting harder as you wake, pushing forward ever so gently.  I smile still half asleep, pushing back encouragingly as I awake. I feel your breath on my neck as you kiss me gently, one hand softly kneading my breast, the other lifting my night dress, finding its way between my thighs......finding me hot, soaking wet, wanting.  Your hands get more finger in, then another, thumb on clit, I arch my back, you bite my press even lift one leg up and slide right into the heat. 

We move hold me tight till the end....enjoying each other, the way we like so much


  1. that was written ... just the way i like ;-)

  2. Dang gurl....I read this four times....damn!!

    1. & enjoyed it reading more I hope ;)

  3. Your work has a way of coming alive...the reader not only sees it, but for a second, or couple of seconds as the case may be, breathes deeper, heart beats faster, blood flows further and then...nipples become turgid, locks moisten, keys rigidify (*get it?*)