Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Art Of Seduction

The art of seduction can be a big production or could just be in a lot of little subtle things......this one's a lot of subtle things that make a production.

It is in the tilt of the head when you begin to think

the dreamy glaze over the eyes as the idea forms

It's the sheepish smile as it all comes together

It is that CD....you know, the Syleena Johnsonn track that always gets you going

It is that perfumed soap that you rarely use, luxuriously gliding over your body

It is that lotion, the one that's illuminated in gold, that highlights all your curves when caught in the light

It's your hands moving slowly, sensually across your body in long motions as you imagine hands that are not yours following suit

It is in making the right selection from the satins, the silks, the lace........or nothing at all

It is in figuring out the perfect pair of shoes - heels of course - to go over the perfect pair of stockings - lace tops with little bows

It is the perfect coat that goes over all that lace, the chosen fabric

It is the sparkle in your eyes as you make the journey to the end destination

It is the smile of appreciation on his face when he sees you at his door

It is in the flourish with which you take your coat off when he asks to hang it

It is the widening in his eyes as he watches you walk in scraps of lace and nothing else

It is in the senses; the sights, the smell, the taste, the touch

And with mutual satisfaction comes the completion of the art of seduction