Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Corseted Curve

Wrap me up in silk and leather
Wrap me slowly as we breathe together
Listen to me gasp in pleasure
Like I found some hidden treasure
While you lace me up real tight
Drinking me up with your sight
Tugging at the tight restraints
Kissing so hard I start to faint
Looking like you need to take a sip
Straight from down my nether lips
I look in the mirror, to see what you see
Looking at a different version of me
The rising and falling
Heaving and sighing
Voluptuous bosoms over-spilling
Over abundant gift so thrilling
Cinched in waist with just the right dip
A handful for a proper grip
Captured curves of rounded hips
The dangle of suspender clips
I watch you try to quench your desire
Just as I preen for you to admire
Imagination fly and minds untie
Mutual understanding greeted with a sigh
Let me be your Venus in curves
Be the price only you deserve

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