Wednesday, 28 November 2012

It Started With Her Legs.....

I first hear the sound of her high heels, walking with that confidence, the clicking making one of the sexiest sounds a beautiful woman can make

As she walks towards me I am taken with her legs, beautiful long legs I'd imagine wrapped around mine. Or better yet, over my shoulders as I appreciate her

She comes and sits beside me, her skirt riding up a little, showing a bit more skin and I am drawn to the shadow between her thighs as she crosses them

I see myself smiling and telling her she is beautiful; see her looking at me quizzically before smiling back

I see me caressing her legs, slowing up & down from her feet to her thighs. See myself opening her up to view the uniqueness that is her and her alone

I will watch her luscious lips as they come out to greet me.  Watch them quiver as I pet and stroke, all the while talking to them, telling them how beautiful they are

I see myself gently pulling them apart to look at her inner lips, licking them a little, spreading the top searching for that button

I’ll approach it slowly, travelling first to the tender spot that is her inner thighs. I will kiss it, lick it with the tip of my tongue, moving closer to her lips and then float away

I will want her to wait in anticipation. I will lick the crease of her thighs, make my way down slowly, nuzzle my face into her brush my lips against her center

I will feel her moving underneath me straining to get a little bit more of me then I’ll put my lips right on top of her clit kissing her gently, then harder

I will gently spread her legs and my tongue will separate her lips running in between layers of plump flesh as I feast on her

I will pull her lips apart and will flick my tongue against her clit quickly, feeling her legs shake I will start to suck gently, then a little harder

I will heed her instructions not to stop and suck harder still. I will slip a finger between her lips, first one and then another

I will speed up when she wants to go faster, slow down when her body tells me to, follow the direction as her body orchestrates

I will feel her body beginning to tremble in pleasure then tensing, I will suck harder then, hanging in there till it’s over, my tongue licking her lips gently now  

I see myself talking to her, stroking her, letting her come all the way down from her high gently  

I snap out of my reverie as she comes and sits beside me with her long beautiful legs, her skirt riding up a little, showing a bit more skin, I lift my eyes up and look at her smiling into those warm brown eyes and I hear myself say, “Hi.............


  1. All the best stories start with "It started with her legs..."

    1. Lol!! Don't they just Simone....

  2. i subscribe to the philosophical view of the author, there is so much to be said about that part of the human anatomy

  3. Ur literary powess really did put me in the story. It really was me with her lol. Great read. Give me more . We need more.

  4. Oh my... So when do we write something together?

  5. Oh my... So when do we write something together?