Thursday, 13 February 2014

30 Day Plank & Squat/Lunge Challenge: Day 13 - 30 (summary)

Forgive me, I have been a very bad girl.

I didn't realise how far behind I fell with my updates until I posted for 30 Day's of Hope. I made a promise to update but life got it the way (& motivation kinda went somewhere in the middle) so I will summarize the 18 days to the end.

Days 13  -17: Things went very well theses days, getting stronger in the JM workout, the squat and lunge challenges were just challenging enough (especially the lunges). I found myself checking out my ass every once in a while to see if they're working :). Plank challenge by day 17 was a little difficult. I've done over 2mins plank only once before so going over that is an achievement. At this point I'd done 2mins 12secs, was very proud of myself ut a tad disappointed as I set the time for 2mins 20secs. Water challenge was a lot easier by day 17, although the constant peeing is annoying. I literally check for toilets as soon as I enter a building or consider potential stops for one along my journey. I now know underground train stations have convenient toilets along my regular route.

Days 18 - 24: This is where it started falling apart :'(. It started with me taking a rest day on what should have been day 18 (it was needed), which meant I re-did day 18. Exhausting (alcohol plus late night do not make for great exercise morning) but not entirely terrible. Came back stronger day 19 but then came the loss of motivation. No real explanation other than I just no longer felt like it & no amount of talking to myself could move my body because my mind wasn't 'truly' willing. So there were a couple of skipped days (which I obviously had to repeat so the 30 days stretches into 1st week February, something I was trying to avoid). the plank challenge isn't getting better as I struggled to get past 2 minutes (2mins 20secs being the record) and water challenges seemed to not be on point either. I was warned about taking days off so I have learnt now!!

Days 25 - 30: After giving myself a major talking to (basically "woman you know you have to finish this thing, you better stop being stupid and get on with it" that kind of thing), I get back on the job at hand. To help with motivation I've changed the JM workout to a longer (and I think harder) one. This actually helps quite a lot. I think I'm just the sort that needs variety so I'll have that in mind for my next challenges  Squat and lunge challenge has been very good, my bottom thanks me.  Plank was a disappointment as I never really got past 2 minutes properly, I will be including it in my next challenge. I'm happy with the water challenge. I definitely needed more water in my life, now my automatic soft drink of choice is water over anything else (except alcohol)!!

So that was my 30 day challenge. There were good days and not so good days. I'm happy to have completed, not so happy with how long it took. I will be better with my next one. I thank MissTee of ThirtyAfterThirty for the opportunity & motivation to do and share this. Check her out on for inspiration for challenges and you can also find day to day posts of several people like me embarking of different challenges.

See you next time!!xx

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