Thursday, 13 February 2014

I Call Him "Sir"

Sitting quietly, obediently, heart racing in anticipation, eyes forward as instructed.
I feel his hot breath on my neck as he stands behind me. He made sure I saw everything he intended to use on me. I reached out and he spanked me. "Did I tell you to touch?" he asked. I shook my heard in answer and whispered, "No". "No, what?" he said, smacking my thigh as he asked, demanding. "No sir" I answer. And that is how we began.

Everything became dark as he blindfolds me, he confirms that I see nothing but black, kissing my neck, then adding a little bite in approval. I get even more wet, sitting there in nothing but stockings and high heels, dressed as instructed. He pulls me up, gently guiding my steps forwards a little. "Open your legs" he tells me and I do so without hesitation. I know I will be punished already and I do not want to add to my misdemeanours.  I feel a cuff on my right ankle and he moves my stocking-ed left leg out a little more, spreading my legs wider as he cuffs my left leg too. I try to move a little, testing out what he's done but I can;t move my legs. He has me spread open with the spread-bar I saw earlier.

Stroking along my legs he comes up, brushing his fingers along my lower lips gently, then push his fingers a little deeper in making me gasp.  I lean forward losing balance and I feel his hand on me, steadying me, then digging into the soft flesh of my waist, hard enough to make me wince, "I have you" he whispers gently.  I feel his hands roam down my body, moving lower he cups my ass, fingers digging in. I pull a sharp breath and I feel s smack on my bottom.

"Do you know why you are being punished?" he asked
"Yes" I answer
A harder smack on my ass
"Yes, what?" he demands
"Yes sir" I answer
"Tell me why"
"Because you asked me not to touch myself during the week and I didn't listen"
A hard smack on my ass
"Yes, I told you not to touch what was MINE and you disobeyed. For that you will not come until I tell you to"
"Yes sir" I answer, breathless in anticipation, in pain, in pleasure

He slaps my ass again, each smack getting harder and harder.  He starts with the right cheek, then moves to the left, and back. Each sting getting me wetter, translating into signals of pleasure in my brain, taking me higher the more he spanked me. My  moans get louder and I feel like I'm getting high to my climax and he stops reading my body as he always does. I cry out and he says, "take deep breaths, you are not allowed to come".  I breathe in and out heavily, trying to center myself, dropping from the high but needing release. I can't even ease the tension with my legs spread open .

He waits a few minutes, making sure I cool off, then he starts again.  Using his hands to feel the lush contours, the curves that respond by pressing into his hands. He spanks, then uses his hand between my thighs and into my center, I move against his hand, not realizing, seeking relief. Hissing in displeasure, he pulls me forward and I shuffle along until my front is flush against a hard surface. "Lift your hands up above your head and pt them together" he instructs. I complied and feel a harness placed around them and tightened. I feel his absence as he takes a step back as if to inspect his work. He pulls me out from my thighs, my back dipping, arranging me in the perfect position to allow him access to all areas he desires. He runs his hands all over my body before he starts spanking me again, this time only letting up when he gives smacks against my clit, my wetness audible, dripping down. I am whimpering, trying to hold it all in, waiting to come only when instructed, rocking back and forth, slick with sweat in my effort to not come. Then begging for release, begging for his fingers, his mouth, anything to send me over edge instead of this precipice he is keeping me on, where I can barely think.

And just when I think I can't handle anymore, through the haze of pleasure, I hear him say, "come for me" as he gives one more slap to my ass. then one hand reaching from behind, fingers inside me, going in deep, the other hand reaching around the front pinching my clit. I scream out my release, the pressure and pleasure make me weak kneed, my harnessed hands and his arms keeping me up and steady, losing track of my surrounding with my senses only hanging by a thread. He holds on to me, stroking my body gently as I come back to him and I hear him whisper, "Now for the intermission."


  1. Great story really well told. Was completely in the scene, thank goodness for intermission....x

  2. Why did it have to soon? Why did he allow her cum? *Naughty me

    1. who said it's quite...ended. it's just the intermission ;)