Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sultry Sunday

So this morning I woke up wondering what it'll be like spread out in front of you
Naked, face down; you spanking my ass....lightly first , then harder
My pussy getting wet as the slaps get harder
Me biting down on the sheets to stop from being too loud
Your finger in me, in and out while you keep spanking me
Then you start to smack my pussy....driving me crazy
Alternating between fingering me, smacking my pussy and spanking my ass
And just as I'm about to cum, you put your mouth over my lower lips
Use your tongue to fuck me, graze your teeth over my clit
Sending me over the edge, holding me steady and drinking me all in
As I come don from my high, you flip me over and move up on me
Using your dick to tease my lips as I flick my tongue over the head
You feed your dick into my open mouth
Pushing it in slowly first, then moving it faster, harder
You steadily fuck my mouth...going in deeper, fucking my throat
Holding my head in place as you release in my mouth and I sallow all you've got

I lie here wondering, smiling & getting wet at the thought